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    Baby girl due in 3 months

    My wife is pregnant with a baby girl, due in the middle of November. We've got a few names we really like that I would like opinions on, and maybe also middle name suggestions? These are the names we really like;


    My favourites are Olympia and Rosaline, my wife loves Rowena and Penelope best.
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    Olympia - Very underrated in my opinion, it's a gorgeous yet uncommon name that's relatively easy to spell and pronounce! One of my favorites on this list.
    Rowena - Not my personal style but it has a lovely earthy feel. I like the idea of nickname Winnie.
    Lavinia - It's pretty but comes across as a little stuck up? Not a problem if your daughter is nice though lol, plus I like the nickname Vinny which I think makes it feel more down to earth
    Daphne - One of my other favorites on your list, another underrated name that's easy to spell and pronounce! I think it could also be a good middle for many of the other names listed.
    Lavender - I think I like this a bit more than Lavinia but I'm not sure what you'd nickname her (not that you have to, three syllables isn't that many)
    Rose/Rosa/Rosaline - These are all very nice! I think Rose/Rosa in particular could be good middles for some of the other names on your list. Rosaline is pretty, I also really like Rosalind, Rosalie, and Rosamund, maybe you will too?
    Penelope - It's a pretty name, I like nicknames Penny and Nell, but it is a LOT more common than most of the names on your list if that bothers you. That said, the actual percentage of babies named Penelope is really small, they have that date on the SSA website if you want to look at actual numbers
    Florence - Very pretty, another of my favorites from your list. I think it could be a good middle for some of the other names on your list. As a first I like the nicknames Flora, and the less common Flossie, which I think is really sweet!

    Overall, I'm really impressed with your list and I don't think you can go wrong with any of these names! Most of them are pretty uncommon and yet well-known as names which is a great balance to strike. Best of luck choosing!

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    Lovely list!

    Olympia - light yet grand -a lovely name! I love the possibility of the nicknames Ollie and Pippa too
    Olympia Fern, Olympia Juno, Olympia Adele, Olynpia Willow

    Rowena -soft, quirky and mystical!
    Rowena Iris, Rowena Carys, Rowena Maeve, Rowena Holly

    Lavinia - sharp, vintage and pretty! Liv or Lana would make cute nn!
    Lavinia Maren, Lavinia Pearl, Lavinia Charlotte, Lavinia Ruby

    Lavender -not my fave on your list but it does has a sweet, fresh kind of elegance
    Lavender Cleo, Lavender Anouk, Lavender Zoe, Lavender Beatrix

    Rose -straight forward and simple but less expected as a first name
    Rose Calliope, Rose Eugenie, Rose Eliora

    Rosa - distinct with a bit of kick and flair.
    Rosa Elowen, Rosa Dorothy, Rosa Nadine

    Rosaline -sleek, smooth and pretty.
    Rosaline Ava, Rosaline Esther, Rosaline Elsie, Rosaline Heidi

    Maybe i suggest Rosalie too?

    Penelope -Lovely, lively, bubbly and fashionable feeling
    Penelope Lara, Penelope Clara, Penelope Maeve, Penelope Violet, Penelope Maya, Penelope Lucia

    Florence -love it!! Such a vintage name, full of elegance and grandeur but also down to earth and serious, pretty but not too fussy
    Florence Indigo, Florence Iona, Florence Mabel, Florence Penelope, Florence Aurelia

    Daphne - quirky but grounded, i like it!
    Daphne Evangeline, Daphne Josette, Daphne Luella, Daphne Anneliese
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    Olympia - I don't know what I think about this one. The first time I heard it I really didn't like it at all, but I can see something endearing about her now. It's not one I'd use, but it's okay. Have you considered Octavia or Ophelia?

    Rowena - Pretty, although I'd personally prefer just Rowan.

    Lavinia - I'm not a fan of this, it just doesn't have any appeal to me at all.

    Daphne - I've never liked Daphne. Don't know why, I just don't.

    Lavender - This is sweet! I'd love to meet a little Lavender!

    Rose/Rosa/Rosaline - Rosaline is very pretty, as is just Rose. Rosa does nothing for me I'm afraid,

    Penelope - I've never liked Penelope but lately she's grown on me. She has an exotic feel about her.

    Florence - This gives me the same vibe as Penelope, but I'm still not so keen. It's just not my style.
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    I love ...

    I like ...
    Lavender (for a middle)

    I dislike ...

    What about ...
    Rose Penelope (my fav)
    Penelope Rowena
    Olympia Rosaline
    Rowena Florence
    Rosa Penelope
    Rosaline Florence
    Florence Rose
    Daphne Olympia

    Also, may I suggest my great grandmothers name Rosina. Or my great Aunts name Rosetta.

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    I can picture sisters Olympia Rosaline, Lavinia Florence & Daphne Lavender

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    A great list of names so I can see why you're having trouble narrowing it down and agreeing! Out of your favorites, I like Rosaline and Penelope best. I also love Daphne. The others are okay - just not my taste.

    Rosaline Poppy
    Rosaline Olive
    Rosaline Maeve
    Rosaline Eve

    Penelope Rose
    Penelope Hazel
    Penelope Frances
    Penelope Alice

    Daphne Isobel
    Daphne Rosanna
    Daphne Olympia
    Daphne Marigold
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    Olympia- Not my personal favorite, but your second favorite made me think of Olympia Rose.
    Rowena- LOVE Rowena. I'd probably favor the nickname "Ro", personally. I think you could pair Rowena with many names, probably starting with a consonant.
    Lavinia- This name seems so strong, grounded. MNs Lavinia Joy, Lavinia Mae seem to balance the FN with a little lightness.
    Daphne- Also strong, but lovable. Daphne Louise, Daphne Margaret, Daphne Renee, Daphne Wren...
    Lavender- I love lavender itself, but I've never liked it as a name much. Maybe as a middle name.
    Rose/Rosa/Rosaline- I favor Rosaline as a FN. I think you could pair it with many MNs.
    Penelope- Quirky and fun. I think a more traditional MN would balance it out...Penelope Jane, Penelope Ann, Penelope Claire...
    Florence- Don't like the nickname Flo, but Florence itself is beautiful. No specific MN pairings come to mind.
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    Congratulations on your baby girl! I really think all the names on your list are great choices. I see that Lavinia is having a hard time on here but it's only your opinion that matters. Names don't have inherent personality traits or "goodness" anyhow.

    If popularity is a factor, Penelope, Rose and Florence are considerably more popular than the others on your list. They tend to fall in the top 100. If nicknames are important or unwanted, that could also help narrow down the list further. Though it sounds like you might have a top 4 with Olympia, Rosaline, Rowena and Penelope. Perhaps focusing on each other's two favourites could help them grow on both of you. Alternatively, you could exclude your top 4 and choose from the remaining list.

    For middle names, I've always been drawn to honouring family members and loved ones. This can be using variants of their names, their initials, or other things that remind you of the person. I find this adds a lot of meaning to the name choice, passes on the legacy and if you plan on having other children you can take turns honouring from each side of the family.

    All the best choosing a name you both love!

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    I really like:

    Rose (or Rosalie)

    Daphne Rose, Penelope Lavender, or Penelope Rose would be amazing.

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