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    It's a boy!!! Now what should we name him?

    We just found out it's a boy (due right around Christmas!) after being so sure it was a girl. We have not given as much thought to boy names, and agree on very few. Big brother is Simon, meaning "he will listen." Our last name is very common and only one syllable. We like Bible names. Overall, I like ones that are a little more out there or less common. DH likes ones that are simpler and more recognizable.

    So far, here are the ones I like in no particular order:

    -Theophilus, nickname Theo
    -Jericho, nickname Jeo
    -Nathaniel, not sure which nickname
    -Jeremiah, nickname Jem

    DH likes Theo, but not Theophilus. I like it, but the chipmunk connection might bother me. He could get used to all of the others.

    Right now Jericho/Jeo and Isaac are my favorites.

    I think Jeo is cool for Jericho since DH is Jeff and Simon's middle name is Geoffrey. Geo is a common nickname for a Geoffrey. So the nickname would connect the guys. Plus it is rhymes with Theo.

    I like the meaning of Isaac: "he will laugh, he will rejoice"( This is especially great because Simon is "he will listen." Rejoice is also a Christmas-time word. I also love the Bible story behind the name.

    So, what are your thoughts??? What would you name this child? Thank you!!!
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    i am literally in LOVE with the name Nathaniel with the nickname Nat. how spunky and adorable!!
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    I LOVE Theo but not Theophilus and you’re right - Theodore is out because of the chipmunk thing! Jericho isn’t my thing and feels a little too macho next to Simon but Jeo is cool.

    I like Micah, Isaac, Nathaniel (Nate) and Gideon. I like Jeremiah too but not the nickname Jem. I can’t see a boy liking that as his nickname either once he hits middle school.
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    Gideon could also go by Geo and I prefer it with Simon

    I also really like Theo, Ezra, & Micah

    Jeremiah is also a great name but I prefer Remy as a nickname. I think Simon & Jeremiah "Remy" would make great brothers

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    I really like Jericho - it was one of the names we considered for our son, and I think Jeo is the best nickname for it. I think Rico is sort of cute too. I do think some people may decide (on their own volition!) to use the nickname Jerry, which I'm not into, so hopefully Jeo would catch on for your son. I mention that because I've personally never heard Geo used as a nickname for Geoffery (only Geff/Jeff) and sometimes nicknames take on a life of their own. I also think for some people there will be a very strong association with the city in Palestine which has a very long and contested history. (Not necessarily a bad thing - just something to consider).

    Isaac feels much more conventional than Jericho. It's another name I really like, but we couldn't use it due to it already being used in our family.

    I agree with you...I think Isaac and Jericho are my favourites, and both sound great with Simon!
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    Warmest congratulations, @house_of_sweetness!

    My top recommendation is Simon {and} Isaac.

    Runners up for me are Ezra, Gideon and Jonah.
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    From your list, I think Jonah, Gideon, and maybe Ezra seem like the best fit. (Ezra is actually currently ranked #59 in the US, but it's fairly new to the top 100, so it still feels a bit unexpected.)

    Simon is traditional and very well-established as name (even though it's delightfully uncommon now). Jericho seems too non-traditional, and Theophilus has a different sort of offbeat antiquey vibe.

    Micah, Isaac, Nathaniel, and Jeremiah feel too mainstream to pair with Simon, especially since you're trying to avoid common names due to your last name.

    Other Biblical names that pair well with Simon:
    Caspar (not technically Biblical, but Christian tradition says Caspar/Gaspar/Jasper was one of the three wise men, which could be a cool reference for a Christmas baby -- and Caspar is one of my absolute FAVORITE names to pair with Simon)

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    I think it depends whether you want a bolder or more familiar choice!

    Jericho is really cool and i love the idea of nn Jeo! It is very usual though -but nonetless it feels easy to pronounce

    Isaac is lovely -i love the meaning and sounds though it is a lot more familiar and popular!

    I also love Jonah and Gideon on your list. Gideon could have the nn Geo too.

    Judah and Thaddeus were two names that came to mind when i read your post
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    Thank you all for your feedback so far. We think we are removing Jericho and Jeremiah from the frontrunners. I am scratching out Theophilus, but keeping Theo. DH says he still prefers Theo to Jeo. And as Sllah pointed out, Jericho does sound a bit macho next to Simon. As others suggested, it is also a less traditional choice. With Jeremiah, Sllah is also right that Jem might not be a wearable nickname for very long, and I don't like any of the alternatives. Theophilus is maybe a little too out there, and will be relegated to a guilty pleasure, but Theo is still a possibility. Keep the feedback coming! Thanks!!!
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    -Micah & Simon I think to together really well
    -Theo & Simon also go well together
    -Isaac & Simon I think feel really comfortable together
    -Nathaniel - is longer than Simon, possibly Nathan and Simon are too close and Then plus iel ... Simon ends up short
    -Jonah & Simon I really like together
    -Gideon - With the similar ending to Simon you either go with it a nd have a longer but similar name or aim for something with more dissimilar endings
    -Ezra & Simon I think also work well

    Micah Theo Ezra Jonah Isaac I like best

    Si & Mi with those two, with the eye sound in the first syllable you either love it or you avoid it feeling they're too similar

    Simon & Theo I think I like least but I can't place why, Love both names... Maybe if choosing from this list I wouldn't pair them

    Simon & Ezra... I just love these together and the meanings together

    Simon & Jonah - I ... I've known exactly one child called Jonah, very nice kid, little brother of a friend growing up... I often wondered why he was named for a prophet who was so difficult. It is a very likable name but there is that... I don't know how old your son is but over the years there's a song from a children's movie about the prophet Jonah that's very catchy and it puts Jonah in a category I can't see myself drawing from. So I like it for many reasons but find it difficult to actually use.

    Simon & Isaac are my faves for you May be equal to Ezra ... Isaac is fresh but often used and has many strong characteristics ... One thing here is SI & IS they have such a similar beginning but it's subtle ... They fit well as brothers .

    So I recommend:
    Simon & Ezra
    Simon & Isaac
    Simon & Isaac & Ezra all go well together Actually if you were to have a third son. (Is & Ez are quite similar prefixes but I think they could work ... Unless it's too much?)

    Congratulations on your son!
    Also I love Simon, very good name, you'll choose well for his brother also.
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