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    Hi friends! IDK if there's already a thread like this, but is anyone doing NaNo this year?
    This is my third year doing it, so if there are any newbies I'll be happy to answer questions! Reminder for veterans that we have a brand new site that is being switched to sometime this month.
    My username is the same thing there as it is here, so if you want to send me a buddy request you can.
    What are y'all NaNo veterans' opinions on the new site?
    I'm a teen writer who loves names!

    My babies (aka characters):
    E: Alex, Tomas, Maria, Gronqo
    FTR: Minnie, Noah, Kim, Will, Brady Arthur, Reese, Kyle
    TSS: Luke, Mustard, Lavender, Zenda, Ranger, Maddox, Tamar, Damien, Mitina

    Find me on NaNoWriMo and Pinterest with the same username

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