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    Woods is cool, I like it a lot. Totally agree that it has a similar feel to Brooks, Wells, Hayes, etc. It may be uncommon, but it feels more familiar and very wearable due to that.
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    Woods is super unique and cute. My grandpa went by Woody so it is very usable for a grown man!! love it!
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    I'm surprised by how much I really like it!

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    Never met a Woods or considered it myself, but I like it!

    As I am sure you know there are a few companies named Woods, such as a local coffee shop chain in my area (Pacific Northwest) and a camping equipment company.

    I have to say I'm not a huge fan of Woody...I think of Toy Story, as well as another reference not fit for personally I wouldn't use that as a nickname.
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    I like Woods. It's very surnamey to me... plus people name their kids Forest, what's the difference? If you love the name, go for it.

    I was also going to add Woodrow, but I see that its already been suggested.
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    I like it!

    Another option could be Warner, Weber, Wells, Wesley, Wexler, Wakefield, Whitaker, Wescott, Westbrook, Woodrow, Woodrum

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    I never would have thought of Woods as a first name, but I LOVE it! Woods Calloway is perfect. It goes wonderfully with your other children's names.
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    Appreciate all your comments!

    Thank you so much to everyone that posted a reply.

    I really value your feedback and appreciate them all.

    Thank you! Xx

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    Woods Callaway makes for a great combo -- I love it. Woods would fit in with the popular surnames-as-firsts trend and while a little different, it's still very familiar. Brilliant!

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    I love it! Willow, Winston & Woods is perfect!

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