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    What about Wesley Elwood? ...NN Woody as a child but a nice alternative FN for when he's older.
    This fits your theme of W and a tree name. What if Woods gets called Woodsie?
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    I think Woods is really charming and Woods Calloway sounds great, but I think pps have brought up some valid concerns when mentioning:
    A.) The double golf associations
    B.) Woody from toy story
    C.) Possible....uncomfortable connotations of the word wood. (Think "Good morning, Woods!")
    A & B aren't really negative though, per se, and C could possibly never come up although I think it seems likely

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    I like both names. Woods goes with your other children, and Calloway is a great middle. Together, though, they remind me of golf. Calloway is a popular brand, and Woods is a type of club.

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    I've actually never heard/considered Woods before, but I'm really liking it. Yes, unexpected, but a common word with little grounds for teasing imo. I think it works! Like a pp said, it reminds me a lot of Brooks, which is one of my favorites.

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    I love it! And I totally agree that Woods Calloway sounds like a book characters name (in a really great way).
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    Not a fan of the nickname Woody. I would vote for Wesley Calloway.
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    I actually like Woods. It is strong.
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    I love the suggestion of Woodrow someone made.
    Woods reminds me of names like Wells or Brooks that are becoming more popular. My first (very strong) association with Woody is Toy Story, and I think most children will think the same so that should override any potential teasing opportunity.
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    I agree, teasing in Kindergarten won't be a problem. It's high school where he may wish to begin using his middle name!

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    For me, Woods is very old-money New England-y. I don't dislike it, but it does have a very strong Ivy League feeling to it (at least for me).

    Other posters have mentioned a number of possible issues, so I won't repeat them. The thing that I noticed that would bother me is that your older two children have two-syllable first names & Woods is just one syllable. Using Woodrow eliminates that & still enables Woody as a nickname. I was also curious as to whether your older children have nicknames or if just Woods would have one.

    Apologies if this has been mentioned already, but perhaps Weston would be a consideration?
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