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Thread: Can't commit

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    Alira is very beautiful and quite feminine. It definitely strikes a good balance between the unusual and the ease of spelling and pronunciation. Since Alira is an Indigenous Australian name I've looked for inspiration there as well as some other names that have a similar style.

    Tarni or Tahnee, Orana, Merinda, Talia, Lowanna, Paloma, Soraya, Cassia, Mimosa, Nereida, Fenella, Ondine, Elowen, Cosima, Safina, Rohana, Farida, Jacinta, Odessa, Delphina, Elodie, Saskia, Tatiana, Perlina, Cerelia, Hanorah, Sybilla, Vienna, Tovah, Sabine, Bayla, Katja, Soralie

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    There's great suggestions already so I'll keep it simple and just mention the one name that immeditely popped into my head - Cressida.
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    May I suggest:

    Alira {and} Evanah {or} Everyn

    {rare three-syllable Spanish vowel names}

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    Anthea came to mind for some reason

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    Alira is beautiful. I love the sound of Maeve or Zavi sounding names with it but it's hard to find something with that sound and a nice meaning.

    Izusa is super unique and shares a similar meaning.

    Citrine would sound lovely with Alira and is a gemstone name

    Also think Onyx is amazingly cool and could go well with Alira

    And Opal, super sweet gorgeous gemstone that actually sounds really sweet with Alira!

    Good luck Mumma. I have a similar situation with choosing a second girls name as we just love our daughters name so much and it was a combined effort lol. But we aren't due till next year and don't know the sex yet so I feel for you xxx hopefully the right name will just pop out at you when you see her xx

    **Also forgot to mention, although the spelling is similar with Alira and Liara, they actually sound different enough with the same ring to them they really could work well together. And the more you say them together the nicer it sounds xx
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