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    Question Middle Name question

    Edit Post: I'm closing this thread. Thank you for your help! I don't want this thread associated with my baby's name, just in case! Thank you!
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    I did not think or hear jack@ss. I think Jack Atlas is very handsome.

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    I didn't hear that. I think the at sound is quite prominent, avoiding an 'ass' sound
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    I agree with pp. I've said the name aloud many times with varying emphasis on different syllables and I just can't make it sound like jack@ss.

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    I agree with PPs also, it didn't even cross my mind! I don't hear that word at all.


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    It didn't cross my mind! It's a sweet name
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    Sounds great to me!

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    I didn’t even think about it at all. I still don’t really see it, so I think you’re safe.
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    I think they are great together, didn't even occur to me.
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    I agree with PP’s, didn’t think it at all.
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