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    Solaire as a middle name?

    Does Solaire sound like a boys' name? We're thinking of using it as a middle name for our son due in a few months, but the couple of people I've mentioned it to have reacted negatively and said it sounds like a girls' name.

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    It sounds unisex to me, so it seems perfectly usable for a boy!
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    Go for it! The meaning of the name "solar" doesn't have a gender so it can easily be used for boys or girls. It seems to be more commonly a surname anyway, which tends to favour masculine usage. Besides, it's reasonably obscure I don't think anyone will question the name once it's your little boy's.

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    I personally think middle names have way more flexibility in this area than first names. I personally love it as a middle
    name for a boy. I don’t speak French but you could check if it is masculine or feminine in French...but otherwise I would use it!
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    I think it's really cool for a boy! Especially as a middle name!
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    I wouldn't worry too much if people find it feminine, as the middle name likely won't be used much. For the record, I think Solaire sounds lovely and I don't have an association with either gender.
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