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Thread: Louve?

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    Reminds me of the museum.also sounds kinda like 'loo'
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    I also thought you'd meant to write Louvre and misspelt it. Actually, when I first glanced at the thread title I thought it did say Louvre and only noticed the missing 'r' when I looked more carefully, so you may get people mistaking it for Louvre!

    Louve does have a nice sound, but from what little I know of French baby names, people in France would think Louve as a name is utterly bizarre. I'm all for word names, but to me there's something a bit strange about using a word from another language as a name, when it's not actually a name in that language. (Though that doesn't stop me from loving Fleur!)
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    I also thought it was a typo of Louvre, I feel like it might cause confusion like this often if you're not in a French speaking area?

    Also agree with PP that it would make a nice MN choice!
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    100% thought it was a typo of Louvre. Honestly, in my opinion it's too close to the museum's name, and I would kinda assume you were ignorant for not knowing how to spell it.
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    To me, the issue everyone has mentioned here about the similarities with Louvre would be enough for me not to use it. That is the first thing I thought, as well, that you'd meant to type Louvre but forgot the R. I think most people will assume she's named after the museum, misspelled. If that doesn't bother you, it has a nice sound, I guess.

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    Yeah, unfortunately I also thought you meant Louvre and either mistyped it or didn't know how it was spelled (since the pronunciation in English is virtually the same). I think it's highly likely that unless you live in a Francophone community, both you and your daughter would deal with this for her entire life, so it's up to you whether you're willing to be patient with that and ready to teach your child to handle it gracefully.

    If that doesn't put you off, I agree that the name is lovely. It has a beautiful sound and a cool meaning. It's sleek and feminine and fierce, exotic but not off-putting.
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    Thank you for the feedbacks. I had no clue Louve could be mingled with Louvre. I have never thought about it.

    That being said, I think it's really sad to judge others (especially when people don't know what they are talking about). In my case, it would make me laugh because... people would call me "ignorant for not knowing how to spell Louvre" but would not they be the ignorants? I mean, I'm French, I know how to write French and I know the museum.

    We currently live in France, but we travel between France and America We spend almost 2 months in America every year. We are planning on moving back on day. Also, our children will have both nationalities. Maybe they will decide to live in the USA (or maybe not).

    I really liked the suggestion of Gemma Louve, we are keeping this option!

    Thank you!
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    Exactly what I was thinking!
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    I'm sorry, I'm not a fan. The French meaning is amazing, but unfortunately in this case that's not enough for me. Besides the association with Louvre, Louve is also a Portuguese verb conjugation of "louvar" (praise in English). It also sounds similar to "couve" which means kale in the same language.
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