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Thread: Louve?

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    My husband likes the French name Louve (meaning female wolf), pronounced like Lou with a V at the end. What do you think about it? Is the pronunciation instinctive? Would it be always misread as Love? Is it wearable?

    Middle names could be Marlowe Autumn and the other names we are considering are Gemma, Olive, Esmée, Pia, Ada, Alma and Maxine.

    Thank you
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    Louve is quite sweet
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    I really like the name Louve, sounds very chic and sweet. I might even put it on my list for myself, hahah
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    My first thought was that you’d meant to write Louvre (as in The Louvre in Paris) but missed the ‘r’. In saying that, it has quite a nice look and sound to it, although I’d personally prefer to use it as a middle rather than a first as I’d imagine she’d have to constantly spell/explain her name to everyone. I’m a massive fan of the name Olive so to me Olive Marlowe Autumn is just perfect.

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    I thought the same as @tdfm with "Louvre!"

    It does sound sweet, and I do agree that it may cause some confusion. I'd place it in the middle, like Gemma Louve Autumn

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    Not my style but not terrible, the only issue I see is people thinking you're naming her after the Louvre museum and thinking you're stupid for spelling it wrong. Sounds very crisp and clear. Might be better placed as a middle.

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    Agree that it looks like Louvre without the "r". Seems like it is pronounced the same too, so pronunciation shouldn't be an issue. I think Louve is lovely but I personally would not like the feeling of people assuming the name was Louvre spelling incorrectly, so I'd put it in the middle.
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    I think it’s great! I love Loup for a boy so why not Louve for a girl? I really like its clear, simple, strong sound.
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    It's not for me, but it could definitely work as a name. I think the pronounciation is instinctive and there are lots of Lou- names out there I don't see why this can't be one. The meaning is great too!
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    Maybe as a middle for me since the art museum is so iconic.

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