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    Feedback on Grey Penelope for a girl - I just can't let go

    We love the name Grey Penelope.

    I've posted on other forums a lot of people suggested flipping it to Penelope Grey but I'm not ready to let go of Grey as the first name and my husband is not keen on this option.

    I was pretty horrified at the feedback I received (not complaining at all - I asked for internet feedback because I want honest reactions) including that it's drab, that it's a "teen mom" name and that it's barely fine for a boy and generally awful for a girl.

    I don't want to put the weight of a name that evokes these kind of negative thoughts on my daughter.

    My husband and I love this name for the sound, single-syllable and for love of the colour.

    What do you all think?
    Expecting a girl in February

    First is named Miles Bevolio

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    Personally, if I knew for certain a name would get a very negative reaction I would not use it (even if I loved it).

    Having said that, you and your husband have to make the decision that sits best with you.

    Do you have other strong contenders for a name? You may also choose to wait until bubs arrives and then see if the name suits her.

    Good luck!

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    I don't like Grey in general as a name.
    The colour can be really drab ('grey day' usually means rubbish weather or a low emotional mood), I don't think it's got an amazing sound to it etc. Also since it's such a common middle for boys/nickname for Grayson, I don't love it on a girl.
    I'd be more inclined to go with Rey.

    All that being said, if Grey is the name you can't let go of then it's certainly usable. Just because people don't really like it doesn't mean you can't love it. I don't think it has any huge bad associations except potentially the weather or being a bit boring, but I'm sure your child (any child) will have enough personality for people not to think 'oh, grey is boring'!

    I don't love Miles and Grey as a sibset, but eh, they won't have their names said together forever.
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    I think Grey makes a fine name, and Grey Penelope makes for a nice combo. Grey is not far of the classic Grace

    Looking at your signature, can I just say that Grey Antigone would be just fantastic! Antigone is not a name one sees much on favourites list, so it's such a breath of fresh air to see it on yours.

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    I like Grey for a boy, but not for a girl. I do think you would get a fair bit of backlash if you used it.
    I do think Grey could be a nice nickname though, while giving her a more traditional name if that's her preference to fall back on (and friends and family could use it if they don't like Grey). Grace with the nickname Grey would be nice.
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    from a flow perspective I do think Peneope Grey is the better option. If you really have your heart set on Grey as a fn I agree with the others who have suggested Grace and calling her Grey as a nn.

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    It's very interesting to me to get a positive comment from a fellow Australian. I have wondered if the negative reaction is because of the Greyson trend in the US.

    I love Antigone dearly and just as much as Penelope but I think I've concluded that the story makes it unusable for an actual child.
    Expecting a girl in February

    First is named Miles Bevolio

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    Grey Penelope is **gorgeous**!!! If I were you I wouldn't change it for the world. People will always have negative reactions about one thing or another but when you introduce your daughter to friends and family they will all say they love it and how much it suits her, etc. I know it's not easy- my family have openly stated they they hate almost every name I've said I like for possible future children- but at the end of the day the decision is yours and your husbands, no-one else's.

    I can't help but love the name Grey Penelope, it's so sweet with a gentle, delicate southern charm whilst still being modern and stylish. I hope you do end up using it 😊😊

    (Extra: one of my favourite gp names is Grey Emelia)
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    I'm not a fan. I despise Grey as a first name, but that's just a personal preference thing. I would say the flow is off too, imo.

    However it sounds like you'd use it anyway regardless of feedback?
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    Grey Penelope is quite pretty. I like it actually
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