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    Thoughts on Cleo?

    Hey everyone!

    I've been fishing around for girls names lately, and I came across Cleo! What are your thoughts on Cleo? Is it wearable? Is it too 'out there'?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Cleo is wonderful! It's one of my faves! Cleo is lively, full of spark and sweetness! It has a bit of mystery to it while also feeling very familiar and wearable!
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    I definitely think it's wearable. Unexpected but grounded.
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    I like Cleo more than I realise. She's different, quirky, and underused. People don't think about Cleo, but they should!
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    I LOVE Cleo, sweet with some edge! One of my favorites!

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    Cleo is a stunning name! It's wearable for sure! I find it mysterious, powerful and sweet. I love the history behind this name. I believe Cleo is an adorable choice for a little girl. I also think that Cleo suits all ages.
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    I love Cleo! Completely wearable, with a fun, energetic, feisty feel that ages well. I’d say she’s a keeper.
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    So sorry! I thought I was opening a new thread. Well... I really like Cleo though haha
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    I just met a SUPER adorable one year old baby named Kleo this afternoon so I kinda am warming up to this name. It's such a cute and spunky name. Cleo is even better, as I like the C spelling more. And yes, it is absolutely wearable.

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    Cleo is lovely! One of my favourites!
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