View Poll Results: Which name to honor Grandpa Ben?

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  • Benedict as a first name

    19 27.14%
  • Benedict as a middle name

    6 8.57%
  • Reuben as a first name

    31 44.29%
  • Reuben as a middle name

    1 1.43%
  • Those are terrible -- use Bennett

    12 17.14%
  • Those are terrible -- use Benjamin

    1 1.43%
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    Which name to honor Grandpa Ben?

    If this little one is a boy, we'd like to name him after my father-in-law, whose name is Ben. Just Ben.

    I tend to like names that are a little more old-fashioned and uncommon, so my favorite options are Benedict and Reuben, and I'd consider these as firsts or middles.

    We've also thought of Bennett and Benjamin, of course, but I think I'd only use those as middles. (Benjamin feels too common, and Bennett is super cool but a little trendy.)

    Please vote in the poll to tell me which option(s) you like best.

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    I love Reuben (as a first or middle) and Bennett (as a middle)
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    I love Reuben, as a first or middle. Benedict is a nice alternative to Benjamin, which works well with your children, but is quite strongly associated with Cumberbatch. I also love Bennett, first or middle. Basically, I love Reuben and Bennett, but Benedict has a more formal feel. It's just preference
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    I only like Benjamin, Rueben would be fine with me if it wasnt for sandwiches being called that.

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    Rueben and Benedict are great names, they definitely have the old-fashioned charm. I just prefer Rueben over Benedict. It feels warmer and more playful.

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    I didn’t vote because I do not find Benedict or Reuben terrible, just personally feel neutral about them. I also immediately think about Benedict Arnold and a sandwich. I have never met or known anyone with either name so that is where my thought go. I also feel neutral about Benjamin but prefer it over Benedict and Reuben. I personally adore Bennett. I personally do not feel Bennett is trendy. I feel that word gets thrown around a bit too much on baby name forums. Bennett is the medieval form of Benedict. I love the meaning, blessed, of Bennett and Benedict.

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    I know Bennett is the medieval form of Benedict, but it's also a surname-name. And it just doesn't have that delightfully vintage vibe that Benedict does.

    It's very stylish, and I actually do really like it as a middle name. I just couldn't imagine us using it as a first name.

    If you look at the sibling names on Baby Name Wizard, Bennett is paired most often with sibling names like Carter, Harrison, Spencer, Jackson, and Brady (as well as a few popular classics like Henry and Oliver, and "modern classics" like Owen and Lucas). It's not as commonly used with names that still sound markedly vintage (like Julius, Augustus, Frederick, Arthur, Simon, Casper, Alastair, Alaric, and so on).

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    Hi there.

    I think that either Benedict or Reuben are fine as mns. Reuben isn't bad as a fn either, but I wouldn't do Benedict as a fn. It's so associated w/traitor, you know? Benjamin or Bennett would be great as fn or mns too, but Benjamin is super popular. What about Benson? Or even better, Bernard?!

    Hope this helps.
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    I adore the name Reuben, it's such an underused classic. I think it's an excellent unexpected honor name for a Ben too, so I'd say you should totally go for it!
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    I think both are great and very useable.

    One thing to consider: Will you be upset if you use Benedict as a first name and people call him Ben?

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