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    Opinions on these 3 names?

    Hello again!

    I've read all of the replies on my last thread about Hermione and.. you guys did it, I have relented. Some of you made really good points that had me really thinking and I've decided that no matter how much I love Hermione, it would ultimately not be a good first name.. but that doesn't mean I have to give it up completely. Maybe I could have it as a middle?

    So I have three new names that I would like to run across you.

    Genoviva Saskia Kasimira

    I was thinking on the combinations;
    - Saskia Hermione?
    - Saskia Genevieve?
    - Genoviva Hermione?
    - Kasimira (I'm not set on a middle for this one yet, any suggestions?)

    Any and all opinions are appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    I love Saskia! It's an unique and interesting name. Saskia Hermione is a beautiful combination! I also adore Saskia Genevieve.
    I'm not sure about Genoviva. It reminds me of Genoveva which I don't like. I've never been a fan of Kasimira/Casimira. It sounds too harsh and old fashioned for me.
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    I second the vote of Saskia Hermione or maybe even Saskia Hermione Genevieve (don't like Genoviva)
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    another vote for Saskia Hermione, I grow up with a Saskia, I think it sounds strong and spunky

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    I love Saskia! It sounds so cool and spunky but it also has a gentler side. I adore Saskia Genevieve, but since you really love Hermione it feels like Saskia Hermione might be the one for you!
    (That being said, I actually really like Hermione as a first name... I worked with a Hermione, it's definitely wearable - in the UK - and I think Saskia and Hermione would make fabulous sisters)

    Genoviva - I much prefer Genevieve or Geneva.
    Kasimira - I don't love it, sorry! I love Mira but Kasimira seems like it's trying very hard.
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    I'm loving Saskia Hermione!
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    I adore Saskia Genevieve and Saskia Hermione! Wow!

    Genoviva isn't my fave but it's a nice name nonetheless. Genoviva Hermione is pretty!

    Kasimira is distinct and interesting. I like it.
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    Out of the three options I feel like Saskia Hermione sounds the best, the other two dont flow well to me personally.

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