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    Exclamation HELP! Due any day, can’t pick a name!!!

    Help! I am due any day with my first daughter. I cannot settle on a name. Everyone keeps saying to wait until I meet her, but I know that will only cause me more stress on delivery day.

    So. Her last name will be Slonaker, pronounced Slow-nay-ker.

    Here are the combinations I am currently considering:
    Nora Odette
    Marigold Reyes

    My favorite first name is Marigold, hands down. I really want Reyes (my brothers name) as the middle name with that, but I worry it’s a mouthful and does not flow well. But I love the nickname options for Marigold, the sunny feeling it gives me, and I love Reyes to represent my family and my brother. It definitely has a lot of meaning for a lot of reasons.

    Nora is the only other first name I keep coming back to. I just like the way Nora Odette flows. It feels sweet, but polished and professional as well. I worry about all of the long O sounds in the full name, including last name. But over all it feels like it flows very well to me. It’s easy to say and it has good rhythm.

    So, please give me your opinion on which you prefer. Go easy on my feelings I’m 39 weeks pregnant and I will cry over anything.

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    Marigold Reyes is so perfect! Absolutely amazing!! Elegant, sweet, feminine and meaning. I believe this name is the winner.
    This name definitely stands out from Nora Odette. I'm neutral to Nora and I don't like Odette. I'm sorry.
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    Both are lovely but Marigold Reyes wins for me!!
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    Both combos are gorgeous, but I definitely prefer Marigold Reyes. It sounds as if Marigold is truly your favorite, and Reyes has such a deep meaning for you. It's a bright, distinctive combo, and I think it flows beautifully.
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    Marigold Reyes is stunning!!

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    I may be a tad biased, but Nora Odette is STUNNING!

    That being said, sweet Marigold Reyes is your name. It clearly holds a lot of meaning for you. It’s a darling name and flows well. I love all the nickname possibilities as well!

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    Marigold Reyes! It's stunning, memorable, and from what you wrote about it I feel like you'd regret not using it.
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    I don't personally like the name Marigold, but I think that just comes down to personal preference because I've found out that I cringe at literally ANY name with a hard "G" in it.

    Magnolia, Magdalena, Abigail, August, Ingrid, Margaret... I don't know what it is. They just leave a bad taste in my mouth. However, I do like Megan and Maggie. So, who knows.

    But honestly, momma... If you love it, go for it.

    One thing I've always done (and it works, surprisingly) is put them both on pieces of paper. Draw them out of a hat.
    As you're pulling that name out of the hat, you'll suddenly know which one you're hoping for.

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    Hi there.

    Marigold & Nora are both beautiful names. I would personally choose Marigold. I am a nanny, & spend a lot of times at schools, playgrounds & children's museums. I hear the name Nora all of the time. I only know one little Marigold, & it's because it's my friend's child who's name I suggested!

    Hope this helps.
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    Use Marigold Reyes. You've said that Marigold is the name you love most, and Reyes honors your family. I think Marigold Reyes Slonaker flows just fine (and I'm picky about the way names flow). Marigold is such a lovely, happy name, and it stands out without being "too much."

    Nora Odette is really pretty, too, but it's not as meaningful and it's not your favorite. Save Nora Odette as an option if you ever have a second daughter -- but this little one needs to be Marigold.

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