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    Thoughts on my new signature?

    Thoughts on these new names? Isabella is high on my list.

    Isabella Thisbe
    Dorothea Paige
    Seraphina Heidi
    Esther Rosabelle
    Felicity Despina
    Amethyst Georgina

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    They’re not my style, but I do think all of the names are nice.
    The first names are such a contrast to their middle names which makes unexpected and fun combinations!

    My favorites are Esther Rosabelle and Isabella Thisbe.

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    Seraphina Heidi is my favorite! I love the modern, feminine Seraphina with the more vintage, spunky Heidi. I also think Isabella Thisbe flows together magnificently.
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    I really like Isabella Thisbe, Seraphina Heidi (wow!) Amethyst Georgina!!
    Esther Rosabelle is nice too!

    I love Dorothea and Felicity but I'm not wild on Paige or Despina with them
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