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    Isabelle and Eliza

    I have a little girl called Isabelle and her sister is arriving soon. I really like the name Eliza for the new baby but didn't realise that both girls names have their roots in the same name - Elizabeth. My struggle now is whether to choose to something else or just to go for it?! Are the names too similar? Isabelle goes by Issy a lot and I think we would shorten Eliza to Ellie for baby.

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    I mean, I personally wouldn't want to use both, since they do come from the same root name, but if you absolutely love the name and that's that then I wouldn't worry about it too much. They sound distinctive enough, and probably not many people would know they come from the same name. Plus I understand the draw of the name Eliza, it's been on my shortlist for years now, it's just so lovely!
    Anyways, good luck, and hope this helped
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    I agree with everything the previous poster said. The shared derivation of the names would bother me too much to use Eliza but in saying that, most people wouldn’t ever make the connection so if you love Eliza above all else I say use it!

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    Most people wouldn't realize at all. If you love Eliza, go for it. The girls will have a special name connection between them, and it won't really matter to the rest of the world.

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    Unless they're a name nerd, I doubt anyone else would notice - there's plenty of sibling sets with names that share meanings and root words, some people do it as a nice theme to connect the kids names together - it's not as though you're using Michaela and Michael.

    I say go for it.
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    I think Isabelle are Eliza are delightful sister names.
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    Very few people would notice, so I would go for it! But if you are doubting, here are some similar names: Elise, Alessia, Iris.
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