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  • Georgia Washington "Wash"

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  • Angelica Schuyler "Sky"

    2 50.00%
  • Angelica Schuyler "Angel"

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  • And Peggy

    1 25.00%
  • Something else!

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    Hamiltonian name for our newest kitten?

    We are going to meet this weekend to possibly bring home, and we're not sure what we want to name her. Current name is Puff (with sister Dragon!) but we won't be keeping that. We had two name options picked out for a male kitten, but this kitten is a female, and I want to give her a more feminine name.

    All of our cats have names themed after . We currently have two one-year-old male cats, both with Hamilton-themed names: Alexander Hamilton "Hammy" and Marquis de Lafayette "Laffy." Our previous pets (RIP) were females, cat Theodosia Purr "Theo" and dog Liberty Bell "Libby." The male options we had picked for a third kitten were George Washington "Wash" or Hercules Mulligan "Herc."

    Georgia Washington would let us still call her "Wash," but this is maybe too boyish. Maybe we should use "Gigi" instead? Angelica Schuyler gives us "Sky" and "Angel," among other options, but I'm not sure it fits with Hammy and Laffy. If we named her And Peggy, she'd most likely get called "Peggy," which is girly and matches our boys' names, but I don't really like it--it's more of a joke name.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    She’s so, so cute! I actually think she looks like an Eliza/Elizabeth. You could do Martha WashingtonMarty” or Philippa SchuylerPippi” (like Philip Shuyler/Philip Hamilton/Phillipa Soo) or Marguerite SchuylerMaggie” or some other nickname that isn’t Peggy. Or there’s always Maria Reynolds ;)
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