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Thread: Aveline?

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    My author mum is looking for a mn with positive meaning, and French. She really likes Aveline (I prefer Evelina but Aveline sounds more French) The thing is, some name sites say meaning of Aveline is “hazelnut tree”, while some say “wished for a child”. For Aveline, NameBerry says “hazelnut tree” ,however, for Evelyn, it says “English of Aveline, wished for a child”. Do you know the exact meaning, and how does Aveline sound? If it means hazelnut tree, she will use with a virtue first name or use Desiree as the mn. Thanks for any help!
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    Hello! I looked up the name on a few different websites and some say it means little bird, some hazelnut tree, and others say wished for child but that Aveline is the anglicized version of a Gaelic name with that meaning. If the meaning of the name is important to the story and it needs to be "wished for child" I would go with Desiree which is another beautiful French name. My first instinct based on language clues is that Aveline would mean little bird since the prefix Av has to do with birds (Aviary, avian... etc).

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    The word "aveline" in French refers to a type of hazelnut. But the English name Aveline has a different origin. Behind the Name is the most reliable website for name meanings.

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