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    Juno in October?

    I probably know the majority answer here but am very curious. Do you feel Juno is a spring/summery name? Would you be thrown off by someone named Juno born in say, October? Same question for other month names I suppose. Can an April be born in November? I used Juno specifically because it has meaning outside of the month. Its a name I always considered but then vetoed when I learned my due date because it just...bothered me.

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    I had to think for a moment about what you were concerned about because I think of the goddess when I hear Juno, not the month of June. I’m sure she’ll be asked but it’s not a big deal. April in November might be a little different because it’s the actual month but April is used often enough as a name that I don’t think it would be an issue there either.

    I love Juno and would use it no matter what month the child was born in.
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    Well, I think that it is far enough removed from the month (one letter does make all the difference) that the child could be born in any month. If I had to evaluate it on what season I think a child would be born in with that name, I would agree with you that it comes off as spring/summer. However, I don't think that makes a problem for naming a girl in October Juno.

    As has been noted, there are other month names such as April, August, and June, and I know that many children with these names were not born in the month they are named after. I'd actually prefer that they weren't. And the fact that Juno is not June means that she likely won't be asked "were you born in June?", which I know plagues others with month names.

    However, all that being said, if you are bothered by the fact that Juno doesn't feel like an October baby name, then you don't want to make yourself uncomfortable with your child's name for the rest of their life and should probably leave it off. I didn't even think of the connection of Juno to June until you mentioned it, and likely most other people won't either.

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    Is it weird that i don't associate names with times of the year? Some names feel summery i guess, but i wouldn't find it strange if they were used on winter babies, so to answer your question, no, a Juno in October wouldnt be odd to me
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    Juno is the goddess and the movie character to me, so I say you’re fine!

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    I see no problem with a Juno born in October. Like others said, I think of the goddess before the month, but even if you were going with June, I still think it would be fine.
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    I don't necessarily associate Juno with a time of year, because she is a goddess first, then the movie, and that's pretty much where it stops. I guess if I really thought about it, I wouldn't think of it as a wintry name, but fall works well? June isn't Juno for me, so while I'm one of those who'd only use June on a June baby or Summer on a summer baby, Juno is fine in October.

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    I agree with previous posters, I don’t associate Juno strongly with the month, so I think it’s fine to use whenever. I think I’d say the same about June too, since it’s a well established name.
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    I don't think it's a big deal

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    I do not think Juno in October is weird at all! It is a beautiful name! It does not remind me of the month June. April, Mae (May), June, and August all seem to be names that are months that do not remind me of their associated months. Go for it!

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