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    Middle name for Casper?

    We are having our second son (big surprise, had definitely expected #2 to be a girl!)
    Our first was Felix Sebastian (thanks to suggestions here we decided Sebastian was too perfect a middle to go past!)

    This baby will be Casper, surname rhymes with sore-ish
    Unfortunately our obvious picks, Theodore and Alexander, are taken by close friends or relatives around the same age so we don't feel comfortable using them....

    With another 2 syllable first and last combo, and being what some may consider a 'weird' name, thinking another long, classical name will balance well!

    Open to all ideas since we're so stuck! <3
    DS1 Jan 2018 ~ Felix Sebastian

    DS2 due Dec 2019 ~ Casper ???

    -- Hoping for girls --
    ~ Saskia Aurora ~
    ~ Mikayla Winter ~

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    On my mind:

    Juno Marigold
    * Fern * Twila * Maude * Opal *

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    I absolutely love all three names! Felix, Sebastian and Caspar were all high on my list until I found out I was having a girl. Some ideas for Caspar’s middle name:

    Caspar Lucian
    Caspar Henry
    Caspar Wilfred
    Caspar Franklin
    Caspar Magnus
    Caspar Matteo
    Caspar Hudson
    Caspar Montgomery
    Caspar Gabriel
    Caspar Lennon
    Caspar Finnegan
    Caspar Dashiell
    Caspar Rafferty
    Caspar Maximilian
    Caspar Roman
    Caspar Vincent
    Caspar Frederick
    Caspar Alistair
    Caspar Elliot
    Caspar Raphael
    Caspar Nicholas
    Caspar Nathanial
    Caspar Orson
    Caspar Stellan
    Caspar Rory
    Caspar Samuel
    Caspar Peregrine
    Caspar Hugo
    Caspar Hamish
    Caspar Angus
    Caspar Oisin
    Caspar Monty

    Sorry for any repeats!

    EDIT: Sorry, I just realised I spelt Casper differently to how you’re planning to throughout my response.
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    Felix Sebastian is amazing and I love Casper!!

    I really like previous suggestions of Casper Julian, Casper Samuel, Casper Frederick, Casper Dominic and Casper Malachi

    Sorry if i still end up repeating

    Casper Nathaniel
    Casper Lawrence
    Casper Harrison
    Casper Miles
    Casper August
    Casper Finley
    Casper Thomas
    Casper Reuben
    Sarai Matilda|Mabli Charlotte|Una Adele|Cherith Eliza
    Sloane Felicity|Flora Penelope|Juno Delilah|Lois Aurelia
    Sholto Felix|Tristan Rafferty|Percy Evander|Bram Atticus
    Otto Elias|Linus Theodore|Jude Amadeus|Jesse Peregrine

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    Casper Elliot/Jasper Elliot have been on my list for ages, so I hope you like it.

    Maybe you could try with a version of Theodore/Alexander
    -Casper Alastair
    -Casper Theo
    -Casper Thaddeus
    Amelia Beatrice Juno · Charlotte Matilda Hope · Jane Alexandra Ruth
    Willow Philippa Blythe · Alice Josephine Rose · Margot Isadora Luna
    Amelia/Millie/Mia/AB · Charlotte/Lottie/Coco/Charlie · Jane
    Willow/Will/Billie · Alice/Allie · Margot/Maggie

    Oliver Rowan Darcy · Evan Peregrine Leo · Hugo Theodore Birch
    Nicholas Dorian Jack · Edmund Finley Grey · Bruno Archimedes Wolf
    Oliver/Ollie · Evan/Eppy · Hugo
    Nicholas/Nico/Klaus · Edmund/Ned/Ted/Ed · Bruno

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    Casper is a unique name. Because it's unique I would go with something traditional. You don't want the name to be "too much" ya know?

    I think with a name like Casper, you should at names that otherwise would be considered "last names" most people play around with middle nsmes because they chose a common first name. In your case the magic is already done with the first name so you should focus on the flow of the name and last names kind of flow better with other last names.

    Casper James
    Casper Alexander (maybe... if ur okay with "er" appearing twice)
    Casper Harrison
    Casper Thomas
    Casper William
    Casper Morgan
    Casper Kennedy
    Casper Tate
    Casper Michael
    Casper Lee
    Casper David
    Casper Evan
    Casper mason
    Casper Jo
    Casper Stefan

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    Also, you don't HAVE TO give a middle name.

    You could choose something that doesnt flow and shorten it. For example: instead of "Casper Leo Yourlastname" you can go "Casper L. Yourlastname"

    Personally I think the name Casper can stand on it's own without a middle name. Casper Yourlastname has enough solidarity that you don't necessarily need a middle name

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