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  • Hawthorn

    30 52.63%
  • Evren

    27 47.37%
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    As a native Turkish speaker (merhaba!), I really like Evren. It is perfect, just perfect! I’m not sure about Hawthorn, it doesn’t look like a name to me. For Turkish names, I like Derin, which means deep. Elyesa is also good, which is Turkish for Elijah. My all-time favourite is Tuna which is for River Danube, but I can’t use because of the fish!
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    I agree with this. Hawthorn is for sure my first pick, but since they’ll have a lot of years together growing up, I think there needs to be distinguishing between names.

    I saw you love Cove. This is actually my first pick for you!!! I LOVE Cove. Cove Hawthorn is really cool. Great nature name combo and fits well with Cedar.

    Evren isn’t my style, mostly because any nicknames are feminine to me (Ev, Evie, Wren, etc.) Totally my personal opinion on that one! I like Everest, which is a very neat name to go with Cedar as well.

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    Hawthorn matches way better with Ceder.

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    I personally think Cedar and Hawthorn are too matchy. I'd only consider it if this is your last. Evren would be my pick. Will it get confused with Evan? Probably. But I have people I've known for years who still call me Stephanie (I'm a Tiffany). It's just not a big deal. As for not having Turkish heritage, I'd take more of an issue with it if you hadn't lived in Turkey. I just asked DH who is Iranian Azeri. He said he would think it was cool to have a non Turk appreciate the culture enough to use the name.

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    I can't thank you guys enough for your thoughtful feedback!!! It's really helpful.

    You make a good point - thanks for that reminder. My mom is definitely into traditional names, and I think she even felt embarrassed to tell her friends her grandchild was named Cedar at first - but now Cedar just "is," and she adores him. Babysitting him now in fact

    Both Thor and Hawk are kind of intense nicknames to me, but Hawk feels more aggressive somehow. I know a man named Thor who is this super shy, sweet skater dude, so that is my association (never seen the Marvel movies!).

    I adore Cove, for similar reasons as Cedar - easy to spell and pronounce, familiar yet unusual nature name, etc. It's actually my top pick but sadly my husband decided to veto it. Maybe I will try to bring it up again I have like 3 weeks!

    Thank you for this feedback. My husband's first pick is Sequoyah (he wanted Sequoia if it were a girl - talk about a clear theme ) which I also think is a great name, but personally vetoed. Although I would love to honour the person who clearly played an important role in history (), with no Cherokee kinship, I feel that would be an appropriation by us.

    I feel differently about Evren as I have a connection to Turkey/studied Turkish, and it is a "word" name (as opposed to being associated with a specific person). However I am still thinking about that and why I feel it is different. For sure when I meet someone named Evren, I assume (and so far have always been correct) that they are Turkish or have Turkish heritage.

    Again - - thank you!!!!!!
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    p.s. It's interesting how there isn't really a consensus in the poll re: Hawthorn vs. Evren. I think it must just reflect the two different name styles, as they are pretty different. Hawthorn seems to be a "love it or hate it" kind of name, whereas Evren is met with way more subdued responses.

    Today I tried typing out the full name combinations on a few different baby announcement card templates and imagined sending them out to family, friends, coworkers. It was helpful - I would suggest it to anyone who is really debating between a few names. It actually makes me lean towards Hawthorne with an "e" at the end if we go with that one.

    Anyway, still thinking but will update when we make the final decision!
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    I prefer Hawthorne and I love it with Cedar! Evren is fine, but I don’t like it so much with Cedar.
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