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    Name BONNIE. Repost from baby names Sorry!!

    Last night me and my were talking about our daughter’s due date, Oct 4th. He reminded me his mother died on Oct 5th and said it would make him want to name her Bonnie all the more. Well we have already named her Olivia (or Olive) so I think I can talk him into using it as a middle name. But as much as I try I really don’t like the name Bonnie! What could be used as an honor name?! I don’t like most I have seen like Bonita, etc. I need some really out of the box ideas. I completely understand him wanting to name her after BUT I just don’t like the name. Her middle name was Lee, which I also don’t like.
    She will have 2 middle names, the other being Margaux. I mean Olivia Bonnie Margaux isn’t bad but it just isn’t my style. And Lee is completely not my style. I can’t only think of something like Olivia Leonora Margaux with that as the honor name. HELP!!!! Please!!!Oh

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