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    Names like Bonnie

    Last night me and my were talking about our daughter’s due date, Oct 4th. He reminded me his mother died on Oct 5th and said it would make him want to name her Bonnie all the more. Well we have already named her Olivia (or Olive) so I think I can talk him into using it as a middle name. But as much as I try I really don’t like the name Bonnie! What could be used as an honor name?! I don’t like most I have seen like Bonita, etc. I need some really out of the box ideas. I completely understand him wanting to name her after BUT I just don’t like the name. Her middle name was Lee, which I also don’t like.
    She will have 2 middle names, the other being Margaux. I mean Olivia Bonnie Margaux isn’t bad but it just isn’t my style. And Lee is completely not my style. I can’t only think of something like Olivia Leonora Margaux with that as the honor name. HELP!!!! Please!!!

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    I think Olivia Bonnie Margaux is lovely but if that doesn't work for you how about?

    Olivia October Margaux (or the month his mother was born in?)
    Olivia Bronwen Margaux
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    Bonnie means "beautiful", or could be related to the French word "bon", meaning "good". Nameberry says it could also mean "happy". Could a name with similar meanings work?

    Olivia Belle Margaux
    Olivia Leda Margaux / Olivia Margaux Leda (means "happy" + pronounced lee-da, similar to Lee)
    Olivia Jolie Margaux
    Olivia Linda Margaux / Olivia Belinda Margaux (means "beautiful")
    Olivia Felicity Margaux ("good fortune, happy")
    Olivia Mona Margaux ("noble good")
    Olivia Blythe Margaux ("happy")

    For Lee:
    Olivia Leona Margaux / Olive Leona Margaux
    Olivia Leanna Margaux
    Olivia Lena Margaux

    Is there anything about her that you'd like to honour? (Favourite flower? Birthstone? Birthplace/ hometown? Nickname? Song?)
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    I like the previous poster’s suggestion of using your partner’s mother’s birth month. We did that with our daughter (my dad was born in June so that’s her middle name). I see using a loved one’s birth month in a way as a celebration of their life, or at least that was the intention with my daughter’s name. In saying that, I think Olivia Bonnie Margaux is beautiful! Although my preference would be for Olive in the first name spot.

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    I don’t know all that much about her; she passed away when my husband was just 17. I do know she loved carnations, she was born in April. I have been considering B names I just haven’t run into any that I love. Plus, we have a niece being born to us in days who will be named Braelynn, to my bro Brandon his wife Brenda (big brother they named Brandon ������). I asked my husband if he liked Byrdie as an honor name. He did not. Maybe, he still prefers the alternative ideas. Like Poppy Margaux is his favorite right now. We probably won’t figure it out until go time! And we will get our induction date on the 20th hopefully; so I’d have a heads up about how he was feeling about names. I wish I liked Bonnie more to be honest. Or Ann or Kellie (my own mother’s names.) then I could use both mother’s for her middle names. I just don’t....������
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    It's okay to want to honor someone and not like their actual name to use! Her names will have the meaning you and her dad give to them, so choose names that are meaningful and that you like.

    "Bonnie" as a word means pretty, so it immediately makes me think of "Jolie," another name meaning pretty. Olivia Jolie Margaux sounds quite lovely to me!

    You could also use another beauty name, such as Anwen, Bella/Belle, Delyth, Nomi, or Zuri. You could even use Anna as a play on your mom's name, combine it with Belle as a play on Bonnie, and use Annabelle (or some variant spelling). Olivia Anabel Margaux would be gorgeous.
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    You could always honor her in another way.

    - maiden name (Olivia Parker Margaux )
    - birth month (others have mentioned this)
    - favorite flower (Olivia Rose Margaux)
    - favorite color (Olivia Indigo Margaux)
    - favorite Holiday (Olivia Easter Margaux)
    - her hometown or favorite place to visit ( Olivia Madison Margaux)
    - was she religious?
    - any hobbies? (Olivia Lark Margaux "birdwatching")
    - her birthstone
    - nicknames? (Olivia Pumpkin Margaux)

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    I really like the sound of Olivia April Margaux, or Olivia Margaux Avril, if you haven't considered them already.

    Diamond is the birthstone for April. Olivia Diamond Margaux is pretty and regal.

    Or, the birth flower is a daisy. Olivia Daisy Margaux is very sweet.

    Olivia Carnation Margaux would be a bold choice. Carnations are part of the Dianthus species of flowers, but would Olivia Diane Margaux or Olivia Dianthe Margaux be too much of a stretch?

    I like the idea of using her maiden name, if it's usable as a name and one you like.

    Other B- names:
    Olivia Beatrice Margaux
    Olivia Bronte Margaux
    Olivia Briony Margaux
    Olivia Blossom Margaux (reminds me of the start of something new and beautiful)
    Olivia Beth Margaux

    I'm really sorry if this is a lot. What other names have you been considering? Is there a style you'd like to stick to? Olivia Poppy Margaux is stunning!
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