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    Need unbiased advice!

    Hi, y'all!

    My husband and I need some unbiased opinions on our top name choice for our baby girl. We still have plenty of time to decide, but this name is tops in our hearts right now. The middle name is set, so no worries on our part there. It's the first name I'm having a few doubts about.

    The name is Lovett Posy Golightly. (I LOVE all those o's...LoPoGo.)

    Here's why we love Lovett:

    It's very unique, but not in the "weird" category, and we both appreciate a standout, somewhat daring quality.

    It's gender neutral, though we actually can't find any girls having been named Lovett documented.

    It sounds spunky, strong, and poetic at the same time.

    You can't spell it without LOVE. (I know...cheesy!)

    My only concerns are that it doesn't necessarily sound "smart" if that makes sense. And the other is that it could be mispronounced easily, but I'm not totally certain about that. To me, it's obvious, but perhaps not to the rest of society.


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    Lovett is cute I'd personally pair it with a more familiar middle, maybe Lovett Rose, Lovett Maisie, Lovett Claire, Lovett Georgia or Lovett Cara but Posy is sweet too
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    I quite like Lovett! It's definitely unexpected but I think it can work. If the nickname Love is too much simple Lo makes it friendly and approachable.
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    I think this is really cute! I too enjoy how it has “love” in it and it’s a unisex name I actually prefer on a girl. It has a feel that’s modern without being “made up.” I suppose it could be pronounced as “love-vet”, many would likely pronounce it as in Lyle Lovett. The popularity of Charlotte makes it feel familiar.

    In terms of the seeming “smart”, if you’re asking if it’s reminiscent of names in the style of Kaidyn or Mckynlee that have a bad reputation around here, my answer is no. It just strikes me as a surname name, which are getting increasingly more common. Imo it sounds quite southern, in a good way.

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    I really like how it sounds, I agree that it sorta sounds Southern surname-y and sweet. Lottie could also be a nickname in addition to Love. My only thing is it reminds me of Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, who is not exactly a "nice" character, though she is fun - you may already be aware of that association, and I don't know if most people would make the connection, but that was my first thought.

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    It reminds me of Pod Save America, lol. I don't think it would be too difficult for anyone to pronounce, although it probably will be spelled incorrectly most of the time.

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    I would pronounce it very similar to 'love it'. I'm not really a fan, as the name sounds very cutesy to me. I would assume it was a girls name though
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    This is cute!
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    I think Lovett is an adorable name I would definitely say go ahead and use it if you like it, it puts me in mind of a young girl who likes reading and poetry
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    I'm not sure how advice can be considered unbiased, but I'll give it a go.

    Lovett is all boy. 6 boys were given it, no girls. However, with Lovett only being given to 6 boys in the entire U.S., your child would likely never come across another person named Lovett so the gender probably doesn't matter, as you noted. That being said, you might consider the spelling Lovette if you want it to seem more like a female name.

    I noticed somebody mentioned that they supposed it could be pronounced 'Love-vet". I'm wondering how else it is supposed to be pronounced? That would be my go to if there was an e on the end, a pp's 'Love-it' is actually how I would pronounce this name. If that is not the pronunciation you are going for, or if this Lyle Lovett has it pronounced differently than I stated (I have no idea who this person is and have never heard his name), you might consider that it will likely be mispronounced to you quite often. If that bothers you, you might want to reconsider.

    There's my best attempt at unbiased advice. Hope I was successful.

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