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    Boris for a dog (in England!)

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions ❤️❤️

    I’m rescuing a puppy and his name is Boris! He’s only young so it’s an option to change it, but Every other name I’ve considered just doesn’t seem as fitting. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said “omg you can’t call him that!”

    I think I quite like it, but I expect I could adjust to a new name too.

    I live in England and I’m worried people will think that we’ve named him after our very unpopular new prime minister. I think I’ll get fed up with everyone making jokes about it whenever we go out.

    Morris isn’t an option because it’s my brothers name. Also Norris just isn’t the same. I’m kind of over the whole old man name thing and I love the idea of a comedic/silly name or an unusual but well known name. Our ideas at the moment are Humphrey, Merlin and Bumble (my name is Bea!).

    What do you think? Should we change his name? What would you call him? He’s a small fair-haired terrier poodle mix. If Boris Johnson were a dog, he might look like this haha!

    Ps) I know there’s a pet names forum but it doesn’t get half as many responses!
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    I'd personally want to change it, but i think because he's a dog, you can get away with it. It feels like a name you might pick for a dog, if that makes sense.
    I do think you'll get comments but you could explain it was his name when you rescued him?
    Merlin is great though and i love Bumble!!
    I'll throw in Bruno, Biggy, Buddy, Herbie, Dougal and Fergus
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