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    Please make me hate this name


    It checks off everything on my list.

    3 Syllables
    Strong historic background
    Name meaning honors my father
    Out of the box but still in the circle (name eccentricity)
    Suitable for all possible careers (Lawyer, Doctor, Journalist, Artist, etc)

    It's the only name in my list that 100% checks off everything. But just oneeee little (big) thing keeps me from using it and you already know what it is.

    Harry Freaking Potter.

    Growing up in Greece, I've actually come across 2 Hermione's in my life time. It really isn't that strange in Greece and nobody's first thought is ever "Oh, like from Harry Potter?" But in America.. I might have some problems. Harry Potter is probably one of the most (if not, THE most) well known book/movie there is and it's unlikely to be forgotten about anytime soon. I will hear the question "like Hermione Granger?" most likely with each introduction.

    Will it bother me? Maybe. A good chance, especially since I apparently look a lot like the character from the book (brown curly hair, brown eyes, tan skin, nothing really special) But my love for the name just might be enough to deal with it on a day to day basis.

    I want to know if having the name Hermione is a good idea in America (and possibly even in England) today? And if not.. please make me hate it. Do everything in your power to turn me away from it because I'm thisclose to just saying screw it and going with it.

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    While I think it's absolutly usable, I do also think there are other beautiful Greek names that can tick most of your boxes, so if the Harry Potter association is too much in your eyes, don't give up the search!

    Some names that come to mind:

    Unfortunately there aren't many 3 syllable picks with that -ee sounding ending of Hermione, but there are some great 2 syllable options like Daphne, Thisbe, and Xanthe.
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    People may make that connection the first time your LO is introduced, but as they get to know her it will fade and no one will mention it anymore. My friend used a name from a popular YA book, a rare name that does not have the history that Hermione has, and it's a non-issue.
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    Honestly, i think people will think of Harry Potter, but having met a little Hermione, as soon as I'd met her, i stopped thinking about the hp connection
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    I LOVE Hermione! Beautiful Greek name! I like to view the Harry Potter reference as a plus, it’s made the name more usable, people know how to pronounce the name now, and Hermione is such a smart and strong character.

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    How about the fact that it is 4 syllables, not 3? So it doesn't tick everything on your list. Unless the pronunciation that J.K. Rowling provided through Hermione teaching Krum how to say her name is incorrect?

    Honestly, the name is far too tied to the character for me to like it. But, it should be noted, I had never heard of the name before then. If you introduced me to a little Hermione, I would think the parents were big Harry Potter fans and I would have a hard time associating the name to the girl. I had this problem with a girl named Athena. I'm not the type to say that to your face, but there are many who would and if it would in any way tire you, it may not be a good idea regardless of how much you love the name.

    More ammo for turning you away from it if you want it: Hermione is not a popular character in the HP book world. The one association many children will have of the name before they meet your daughter, if they are introduced to the books before they meet her, will be someone who is considered an insufferable know it all and generally bullied. If she doesn't do well in school, she could be teased for the name association, if she does well in school, people will associate her to the character even more and it is likely she will be teased for that. I got teased a lot in school for being the top of the class, and if I were named Hermione, I can imagine what would have been said.

    Another Greek 3 Syllable name that is rooted in history and suitable for all careers: Thalia. There is a Percy Jackson reference, but it is not strong as she is a minor character.

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    Unpopular opinion here, but as beautiful as it is, over here in the US I can’t see it as usable. The majority of people assume it’s a made up name by JK rowling

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    Nope. I have a "classic" yet "out of the box" name myself that happens to have ONE strong literary reference and I have gotten comments and jokes about it my entire life. Probably 50% of everyone I have ever had to introduce myself to has felt the need to bring up the reference and I imagine Hermione in the US would get even more attention. Personally I use a nickname to get through life without having to have conversations about the reference all the time but I still get comments when I have to use my legal name in doctor's offices, etc. I especially dislike not being able to be my own person right off the bat without people having preconceived ideas about what I should be like compared to the character.

    Are you using the name for yourself or your baby? If it's for yourself, absolutely I think you would get constant Harry Potter comments and subconscious personality assumptions in the US. For a baby, I think you as a parent would have to field comments from adults all the time but it would be not be as hard on your daughter since Harry Potter is going to be a generation removed from her as she grows up.
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    I agree that everyone will be able to pronounce her name, which is nice! And I think it will have that lovely "literary classic" feel as well as the Harry Potter generation grows older. Names associated with books can spark new trends (Noah after the release of the Notebook, for example), so I'm surprised it isn't more popular already.

    If you're still not sure, some gorgeous Greek alternatives with a similar sound are Calliope and Persephone.

    Personally, I'd be delighted to meet a little Hermione!
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    I'm not in the US, but the UK. The first and only place I've ever seen the name Hermione is in Harry Potter as a kid. Furthermore, I pronounced it wrong until I saw the film, so people will either think you're an adult weirdly into a children's book, or they probably won't pronounce it right if they're not familiar with the series.

    If you like longer Greek names, how about Nephele? I think it's lovely, has a sweet meaning and possibly somewhat easier to pronounce at first glance. I also think Calliope might fit your objective and Americans would take to Callie as a nickname very easily also.

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