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  • Violette Yoon Barhydt

    1 6.25%
  • Violet Yoon Barhydt

    9 56.25%
  • Scarlett Yoon Barhydt

    6 37.50%
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    Post Final name pick!

    Thank you for all the suggestions you’ve given us!
    We’ve settled on Scarlett and Violet

    Please pick the ones you’d recommend!
    Thank you for all your help~

    Last name is again Barhydt (bar-height)

    Though some prefer Violet over Scarlett, the initials SYB looks neat compared to VYB. Opinions??

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    I like both Scarlett and Violet. Not a fan of the Violette spelling

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    I would just like to point out that Violette’s not really an alternate spelling since it’s pronounced differently than Violet. Instead of VY-let or VY-oh-let, it’s vee-oh-LETT.

    That said, my personal favourite from the three options and my favourite with your surname is Violet. I was actually surprised that Scarlett is ahead of Violet, because the AR in Scarlett and Barhydt don’t sound right to me together.
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    I love Violet and Scarlett with that middle name and last name. I can't decide between the two names. They're gorgeous! ❤️
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    I like Violet best with both the middle Yoon and the last name. You really can't go wrong here though.
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