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    Please make me hate this name


    It checks off everything on my list.

    3 Syllables
    Strong historic background
    Name meaning honors my father
    Out of the box but still in the circle (name eccentricity)
    Suitable for all possible careers (Lawyer, Doctor, Journalist, Artist, etc)

    It's the only name in my list that 100% checks off everything.
    But just oneeee little (big) thing keeps me from using it and you already know what it is.

    Harry Freaking Potter.

    Growing up in Greece, I've actually come across 2 Hermione's in my life time. It really isn't that strange in Greece and nobody's first thought is ever "Oh, like from Harry Potter?" But in America.. I might have some problems. Harry Potter is probably one of the most (if not, THE most) well known book/movie there is and it's unlikely to be forgotten about anytime soon. I will hear the question "like Hermione Granger?" most likely with each introduction.

    Will it bother me? Maybe. A good chance, especially since I apparently look a lot like the character from the book (brown curly hair, brown eyes, tan skin, nothing really special) But my love for the name just might be enough to deal with it on a day to day basis.

    I want to know if having the name Hermione is a good idea in America (and possibly even in England) today? And if not.. please make me hate it. Do everything in your power to turn me away from it because I'm thisclose to just saying screw it and going with it.

    Thinking Of
    Persephone • Saskia • Hermione • Artemis

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    Whoops! Accidentally posted twice. Please ignore this one!

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