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    Middle Names for Peregrine

    Hi everyone!

    We recently found out that we're expecting #3! Our first two are H3rmion3 3low3n and 3vand3r Hawth0rn. For a girl, we're thinking Beatrix Astraea. Our frontrunner first for a boy is Peregrine, but we're having difficulty coming up with middles. We like Peregrine Arthur, but Arthur just seems so basic next to our other kids' middles.

    We're big into how a name flows, and I think vowel names and R names sound best with Peregrine. That's not a requirement, however. Another thing is that I don't like names to end in the same sound, so Peregrine Aurelian would be out, for instance.

    I'd appreciate if you all could send us some more unusual middle name options. Thanks in advance!
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    I love your kids' names! IMO, Arthur doesn't necessarily sound plain next to your other children's names.

    How about...

    Peregrine Alistair
    Peregrine Arlo
    Peregrine Thiago
    Peregrine Ramses
    Peregrine Baxter
    Peregrine Jasper
    Peregrine Hugo
    Peregrine Atlas
    Peregrine Ptolemy
    Peregrine Dashiell
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    Arthur is a great name, however, yes, it does seem to fall flat alongside his siblings names (which are brilliant) but he is not 'one of a set that needs to match' either, so Peregrine Arthur would be just lovely.

    Otherwise, Peregrine Emrys, Peregrine Apollo, Peregrine Caspar, Peregrine Silas, Peregrine Thaddeus & Peregrine Tadhg were the first names to come to mind.

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    Peregrine Horace or Peregine Osmont

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    I really like Peregrine Arthur! I don't think it comes off pmain bu comparison at all. I think it has the same warm and familiar, but also a little magical, feel that the other children's middles give off, even if it's a name you see more often than Elowen or Hawthorn.
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