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    Lightbulb Help Picking A Name (+suggest some)

    Hi guys ! Would be really helpful if you could give your opinions on the baby names I have currently, and pick 1 favourite for boy and girl out of them ! Any names you could suggest which I may like would also be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

    Isabella Daisy
    Anessa Jade
    Margot Isabella
    Aeliana Renée (Pronounced EE-liana)
    Flora Aveline
    Maya Evelyn
    Thalia Esmé
    Isla Cleo
    Evelyn Natasha

    Naia Viola
    Lila Amethyst
    Demeter Laia
    Sapphire Pearl
    Serena Ruby
    Cleo Daphne
    Naida Delphine[/B][/I]

    Finn Andrew
    Augustus Harvey
    Noah Dominic
    Mason Dylan
    Sebastian Chase
    Harvey Francis
    Sebastian Riley
    Theo Griffin
    Caspian Wren
    Indigo Harley
    Chase Rayner
    Archie James
    Riley Andrew
    Rayner Mason
    Francis Sebastian
    Ares Tate

    Thanks again ! <3
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    * Isabella Daisy * Anessa Jade * Aeliana Renée * Flora Aveline * Naia Viola * Lila Amethyst * Demeter Laia * Maya Evelyn * Serena Ruby * Cleo Daphne * Thalia Esmé * Evelyn Natasha * Naida Delphine * Margot Isabella *

    * Finn Andrew * Augustus Harvey * Noah Dominic * Mason Finn * Sebastian Chase * Caspian Wren * Harvey Francis * Theo Griffin * Indigo Harley * Chase Rayner * Archie James * Riley Andrew * Rayner Mason * Francis Sebastian * Ares Tate *

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Isabella Daisy-This is adorable. I love love Daisy, & Isabella is beautiful. It's super duper popular though. Oh, & it also has a lot of nice nn options. Izzy, Ibbi & Bella are all cute.

    Anessa Jade -I think that this is a good combo, but neither name is my style. Anessa sounds a little made up.

    Margot Isabella-I like both of these names. I feel like they're sort of from different worlds, but it's not terrible. I'd suggest maybe Margot Aveline?

    Aeliana Renée (Pronounced EE-liana)-I don't know. It's kind of pretty, but just kind of confusing.

    Flora Aveline-Aw, I love Flora. It's so smart, pretty, simple yet not over done. Flora Aveline has a nice flow.

    Maya Evelyn-This is fine. I like Maia better. It doesn't sparkle, but it's totally fine.

    Thalia Esmé-Lovely! I kind of like Talia more, but it's a nice solid name. It's pretty & feminine, yet strong. Talia Esme is so sweet.

    Isla Cleo-Hm. I like Isla, but it's just getting really over done. I like Cleo, but this combo is a bit abrupt. Isla Daisy?

    Evelyn Natasha-This is okay. I don't personally care for either name, & Evelyn is super popular. Also, I don't like the flow of EvelyN Natasha. Evelyn Daisy is good. Or Evelyn Isabella.

    Flora is my favorite!

    Finn Andrew-I love Finn. It's so charmingly boyish. And it's smart on a business man or a lumber jack. Finn Andrew is okay. I like Finn Harvey or Finn Riley more.

    Augustus Harvey-This is kind of cool. I like August more, but Augustus is different. Kind of busy. Augie & Gus are adorable.

    Noah Dominic -This is fine. I don't love the flow, although both names are nice. Noah is way popular. I'd prefer Noah Harvey.

    Mason Dylan-Meh, Mason is really trendy. It's not my favorite. I kind of do like Dylan though. It has a similar sound, but it's kind of more artsy.

    Sebastian Chase-Sebastian is very handsome. I love the nn options here too. Satch, Seb, Sebby, Bash. Sebastian Chase doesn't flow that well in my opinion. I like Sebastian Harvey!

    Harvey Francis -Hah, even though I keep saying that I like the flow of Harvey in the mn spot, it's not my favorite. Maybe it's the Harvey Weinstein thing!

    Sebastian Riley-Oh, this is better.

    Theo Griffin -Hm. Theo is cute, but seems too nick-namey. Theodore Sebastian?

    Finn Andrew is my favorite.

    Hope this helps.
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    Isabella Daisy: Beautiful, timeless choice
    Anessa Jade: Wow! Love this name! Unique yet easy to recognize and pronounce
    Margot Isabella: I like both names desperately but I don't think they flow that well together
    Aeliana Ren: It's a pretty name although when I first saw it I thought it was pronounced AY-liana (which I think will be a common mistake). Maybe Elliana would be a better spelling?
    Flora Aveline: I love the simplicity of Flora with the uncommon spelling of Aveline. It's a beautiful pairing.
    Maya Eveline: I really like it. I think it flows well
    Thalia Esme: a stunning name but I dont think it flows that well. Thalia Daisy sounds great tho!
    Isla Cleo: It's a dazzling name. My favorite from your girls list
    Evelyn Natasha: My least favorite from your list. I think that they just don't go well together in style and sound

    Finn Andrew: handsome, classic, tranquil name
    Augustus Harvey: LOVE this name. By far my favorite
    Noah Dominic: I love the clash of styles and I think it works here.
    Mason Dylan: I like the names individually but I don't think they go well together. Mason Dominic or Mason Harvey has a nice ring to it
    Sebastian Chase: makes me think of a very dapper young fellow. I like it!
    Harvey Francis: to me it seems like a clunky name. I think Harvey Chase or Harvey Augustus would sound better, but it is a nice name.
    Sebastian Riley: I prefer Sebastian Chase but I think this flows well too. Francis Riley is very cute combo!
    Theo Griffin: this is a very rugged, smooth name. I love everything about it

    My top names are Isla Cleo and Augustus Harvey, but I think Isla Cleo and Theo Griffin would make a better sibset

    Name suggetions:
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    I love Isla Cleo and Theo Griffin together, gorgeous combos

    Isabella Daisy - not my favorite too common for my taste

    Anessa Jade - Pretty combo, I prefer the spelling Anissa though

    Margot Isabella - beautiful!

    Aeliana Renee - Renee makes me like this combo less, it’s outdated. Aeliana needs something prettier, like Aeliana Cleo, Aeliana Jade, Aeliana Esme

    Flora Aveline - pretty!

    Maya Evelyn - pretty but I prefer the spelling Maia

    Thalia Esme - love this one!

    Evelyn Natasha - pretty!

    Finn Andrew, Augustus Harvey, and Noah Dominic are great combos

    I prefer Sebastian Chase to Sebastian Riley

    Mason Dylan is overused in my opinion

    Harvey Francis is a nice combo

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    Isabella Daisy -pretty and lively though popular, if that matters to you.

    Anessa Jade - Anessa is intriguing and Jade fits well

    Margot Isabella -vintage, charming and lovely

    Aeliana Renee - i adore Renee and I like the sounds of Aeliana but the spelling puts me off. Iliana?

    Flora Aveline -delightful and sweet

    Maya Evelyn -i like the floral but lively feel!

    Thalia Esme -sleek and elegant feeling but bubbly

    Isla Cleo -love both but im not sure on them together. Ivy Cleo? Isla Juno, Isla Cosette, Isla Ruby? Isla Seraphine, Isla Corinne, Eliza Cleo?

    Evelyn*Natasha -quite nice! You rarely see Natasha any more! Eve Natasha would be nice too

    A couple of names that sprung to mind:

    Finn Andrew -a nice blend of classic and modern

    Augustus Harvey -clunky yet cool

    Noah Dominic -nice sounds and i like the unexpected Dominic

    Mason Dylan -not a fan of Mason and I'm not liking the flow either, sorry.
    Mason Dexter, Mason Hugo, Mason Daniel, Mason Dean, Mason Connor, Mason Finley. Max Dylan/Maxwell Dylan, Jasper Dylan, Miles Dylan, Dylan Milo, Dean Mason, Declan Ezra?

    Sebastian Chase -nice mix of relaxed and serious - a really great name

    Harvey Francis - vintage and sweet. Harvey Frederick would be nice too

    Sebastian Riley -i like thrse two together

    Theo Griffin -rugged and cool

    Some names that came to mind
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    My favorites are Anessa Jade and Theo Griffin
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