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    Question Baby girl born yesterday; still no name...

    My wife still hasn’t decided between Cora, Hazel, or Violet to go with sisters Adelaide Lily and Matilda Sue. Any last minute comments to help sway the decision?

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    Adelaide and Matilda are elegant old names to me. For this reason, the peppy Hazel doesn't really fit, in my opinion. Cora has that old time elegance, but is significantly shorter than the other names and doesn't seem quite the right fit. Violet checks elegant and old. It also has the same amount of syllables as your other two names and I think is the best fit. Adelaide, Matilda, and Violet sound absolutely lovely together.

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    Thank you!

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    Violet seems perfect to me! Elegant, vintage and vibrant!
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    Violet sounds like the one!
    It has a different ending from each of her sisters, and the vibe sounds just right.

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    With Adelaide and Matilda, Violet seems the best fit, vintage and with a longer romantic flow.
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    I love Hazel! It suits all ages and sounds great with your other two! Congratulations!

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    Hi there.

    Violet is my personal favorite. It's bright, feminine, simple, classic & has that beautiful imagery. It fits in really well w/Adelaide & Matilda. It's getting a teeny bit common though, if that is an issue for you.

    Hazel is kind of like Violet, but I don't think that it sounds as fresh. A tad more bland, & also more popular.

    Cora is sweet, old fashioned yet simple & works well on any age. I love that it's not that popular, & it goes well w/your girls' names. The only thing that I don't like about this name is the nn Cori; kind of boyish & dated.

    In conclusion, I'd go w/Cora is you're worried about popularity. Otherwise, I think that Violet is the prettiest.

    Hope this helps.
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    Another vote for Violet! It goes beautifully with Adelaide and Matilda!
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