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    New Four by Four Game

    I decided to bring back the Four by Four since nobody posted on it in a while.

    The game goes through a cycle of four posters, each deciding four things. Here’s the model...

    I’ll start out with some couples. Let’s say:

    Shyanne and Brennen
    Taylor and Richard
    Areeba and Andrew
    Leslie and Jake

    Next poster decides whether the couples have children:

    SB: Yes
    TR: No
    AA: Yes, adopt
    LJ: Yes

    Next poster decides the number of babies and genders:

    SB: 1 girl
    TR: N/A
    AA: Adopt older boy and younger girl
    LJ: G/G twins

    And another poster does names, then adds more couples:

    Shyanne and Brennen with Molly Parker
    Taylor and Richard
    Areeba and Andrew with Austin Eric and Kaitlyn Hope
    Leslie and Jake with Bariah Annika and Paulina Bailey


    Jameelah and Tayvon
    Kamiya and Noah
    Jewel and Terelle
    Allison and James

    Seem clear? Poster one does couples, poster two decides the fate, poster 3 hashes out the specifics, and poster four does names. Then it repeats. Got it? Good. Here’s the first batch:

    Lindsey and Ethan
    Brooke and Eric
    Andalyn and Jarod
    Audriana and Wesley

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    Aug 2017
    Lindsay & Ethan: Yes
    Brooke & Eric: Yes
    Andalyn & Jarod: Yes through adoption
    Audriana & Wesley: No
    Archangel Girls: Onyx Ivy Calanthe, Leonora Meadow Blanche, Aurelia Monroe Winter, Justice Nirvana Carol, Vienna Garland Snow, Gaia Vivienne Valentine, Eulalie Charlotte Snowdrop, Maelys Freya Neve, Amaryllis Faye Robin

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    Jun 2010
    Lindsay & Ethan: 2 boys, 1 girl
    Brooke & Eric: triplets, all girls
    Andalyn & Jarod: 2 girls, 3 boys (the boys are all biologically related)
    Audriana & Wesley: -
    ♥Cole, Christian & Sir Angus Fionn♥

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    New names for Winter
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    May 2014
    Austin, Texas
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    Apr 2016
    Iowa, USA
    Micah & Eloise: Yes, foster children
    Palmer & Clarice: Yes
    Duncan & Daisy: Yes
    Seamus & Margot: Yes
    4-11-2020 Becoming a Mrs.

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    Nov 2017
    Micah & Eloise: 2 foster daughters
    Palmer & Clarice: 1 son and 1 daughter
    Duncan & Daisy: 3 sons
    Seamus & Margot: 3 sons and 3 daughters
    Kennedy Lucy Myfanwy <3 Elijah Maxwell Carrow

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    ME: Isilee and Anthea
    PC: Dax and Rae
    DD: Ezra, Devereaux, and Kellan
    SM: Arthur, Henry, Lucas, Eleanor, Anna, and Margot

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    Next couples:
    Michael & Faith
    Peter & Nathan
    Georgie & Letty

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    Oct 2014
    Jack and Ella = yes
    Michael and Faith = yes, some theirs and some adopted
    Peter and Nathan = yes, adopted
    Georgie and Letty = no
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice, Isla, Pippa

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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    Jack and Ella: 4 boys, 1 girl
    Michael and Faith: 3 girls (1 biological and 2 adopted)
    Peter and Nathan: Adopt 5 boys and 1 girl
    Georgie and Letty: N/A

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