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    Help! Baby is here can't pick name!

    Our baby boy is here and even though he's number three, this time I'm having way more anxiety about committing to a name.

    Top choices:

    Gavin Thomas N...
    Jedrek Grant N...
    Or maybe Grayson or Zander

    For context, siblings are Genevieve (nn Evie) and Tobias (nn Toby).

    Jedrek is unique strong name, but needs growing into and VERY concerned about having to explain and spell his name his whole life.

    Love Gavin but no nn and siblings go by nn. Problem?

    Grayson fits him but don't know about Gray. Don't like color names and potential for puns and color coding/association.

    Zander is cool, but what nn?

    Please help! My family wants a name and it's all me!:-?

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    I like Gavin Thomas objectively the best. It's no problem that there's no nickname.

    If you're very concerned about a nickname, you could go with Jedrick, and call him Jed.

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    Congrats on your little boy!!!

    I like Gavin Thomas, and I think you could get away with Vinny as a nn. Vinny, Evie and Toby would be cute together!

    But I'm a big fan of Grayson, and I think Grayson Thomas would be wonderful! If you're not fond of the nn Gray, what about just Ray? Ray, Evie & Toby make a cute sibset! Or possibly Sonny? Sonny, Evie and Toby would be absolutely adorable!!!
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    I like Zander the most from your list. Zander Grant is a nice combo, what about the nn Z/Zee?

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    I agree with the person above, Greyson Thomas is precious and i think it would go great with Evie and Toby. Gavin is also a nice name, i've never heard the name Jedrek and honestly dont know how to pronounce it. Although if i heard it enough, it might grow on me.
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    Greyson Thomas is brilliant!! Sonny would make a great nn! Gavin is nice too. I'll throw in Calvin 'Cal' too
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    Zander (I prefer Xander though) is my favourite, it’s a really cool name in my opinion! Zander Thomas would be lovely and you could use the nickname Zan or just Z? Gavin and Grayson aren’t my style but they are perfectly good names (I do quite like Gray/Grey though), and Jedrek is interesting... I can’t say I love it but Jed is a cool nickname!

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    Gavin is my favorite from your list. If Jedrek is special to you then I would encorage that. I'll also suggest a different spelling that I think might make it more "familiar" and possibly require fewer explanations?? Jedrick. If that's how it's pronounced. Since Rick, Todrick, Cedric, Frederick, and Kendrick are all names this spelling seems more commonplace. Not sure what connection you have to Jedrek so I'm not telling you to change it, just putting it my 2 cents

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    I like Grayson best myself (nickname Sonny), however, I feel like Gavin is your best option, as it seems to be the one you like best and have the least anxiety about (a nickname will come naturally, whether directly related or not, or no nickname at all, it would be just fine). Personally I would love Vin, or Vini.

    Honestly, I'm not liking Jedrek at all, finding it very sharp and harsh, especially with lovely, soft and gentle Genevieve & Tobias. I also don't like that it starts with the same G/J sound as Genevieve.

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    I think either Grayson or Gavin would make a lovely choice with Genevieve and Tobias. I'm not familiar with Jedrek, and it seems much harsher than your other children's names, so I'd avoid it if I were you.

    Grayson is probably my favourite for you; if you don't like the nickname Gray, you could always use Sonny. Evie, Toby, and Sonny go together wonderfully!
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