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    Artemis vs. Diana

    As per the Greek myth of Artemis (and Apollo), I am also loving the Roman mythology version of Artemis, which is Diana.

    Artemis has been on my favourites list for as long as I can remember, but every so often I have this feeling of worry that it sounds too pretentious or that it should only be a guilty pleasure name... not something I actually name my daughter.

    Diana is a beautiful name that I also love... honestly, not AS much as Artemis, but I do think it's a classic beauty.

    I live in a diverse city, but I still find myself worrying that my daughter would hate her own name! Any preference/thoughts/opinions on these two names or on giving children "guilty pleasure" names?


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    If everyone pronounced Diana the same way they did in Wonder Woman, I could see myself using it. Since that’s not the case, it seems a little dated to me. Still a gorgeous name and I’d be thrilled to meet a little Diana!

    I prefer Artemis. I adore the nickname Ari on a girl, which I think would tame the name a bit. She could introduce herself as Ari and people would be expecting Aria or Ariana and then (not that those aren’t brilliant names) they’d be stunned with Artemis. I love Artemis, it’s tucked away on my list because my youngest sister has “claimed” it and I have other names I love more, but I still love the name. I don’t think it’s pretentious.
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    Artemis is adventurous but not ridiculous. I think it comes with some cute nicknames, and I wouldn't be disappointed to be named for that specific goddess. I've seen and heard MUCH crazier names.

    I do think Diana is pretty, but also a bit dated. However, I know several in their 20s through 60s, so that's probably why.

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    I’m bias because I prefer Greek names to Roman names, but both are lovely. I personally prefer Artemis, as others have stated Ari is a cute nickname. I also think Artie would be cute for this one. If you’re having concerns about it, I think Artemis would be great in the middle spot as well.

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    I prefer Artemis! Strong but full of versatile nn possibilities
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    I prefer Artemis because of it being unusual and spunky. It's quirky but somewhat familiar. I'm also very fond of the Art- part, being artsy/an art lover myself.

    Diana I used to find extremely dated as I'd only ever heard it (or Diane) used on older women, however, I must admit to falling for the name quite a bit after seeing and adoring Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

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    A "guilty pleasure" name isn't a thing. Someone made the idea up to make people feel bad.

    Name your child whatever name you love.

    I like Artemis and feel like the first and middle name together should just be Artemis Diana.
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    I also absolutely love Artemis! She’s currently my second favourite name that I’d gladly use for a second daughter. I definitely think Artemis is usable and can come off of the GP lists, especially with names like Athena and Persephone growing in popularity. I love her strength, power, imagery, and I don’t find her pretentious at all. I do have a greater interest and love of Greek mythology names than Roman in general though, so that might contribute a bit.

    A big plus for me personally is that Artemis is more unusual than Diana, but equally beautiful and somewhat familiar. I have warmed considerably to Diana, mostly due to Wonder Woman, and I agree the punctuation in that is gorgeous, but not something that comes naturally to me or most around me haha. I like that it’s more unexpected for a child nowadays than it once was, but it doesn’t quite live up to Artemis. Even in terms of sound, I think Artemis is far more memorable and different than Diana is, especially with all the other -ana/-anne etc. names. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a more popular or normal name, but I do prefer Artemis as a name you don’t hear everyday.

    Overall I think Artemis has all or most of Diana’s good qualities, but still has undiscovered potential as a strong, beautiful, familiar, but overlooked choice.
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    I will diverge from the others and say that I actually prefer Diana. Artemis is too tied to the greek goddess to me to use for a child, and I know that connection is a plus to many people, but not to me. It is the same reason why I don't like Athena (there was a young girl I knew with the name and it still strikes me as weird years later), Persephone, and, as much as I want to want to use the name, Eowyn.

    Although Diana is the Roman name for Artemis, I don't have that same strong association for the name as I know many named Diana. I think it is very sweet and has an identity outside of the goddess name, which makes it usable for me. That being said, most names that break the rules for what I normally like because of normalization are only that way because people took that first step to normalize it. So there is potential for Artemis to go on a list of names that I think are great on a child, but right now, it is not.

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    I actually once knew twins named Artemis and Diana!

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