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    Pseudonym for Lizzie

    I'm looking for a pseudonym for my writing and other social media accounts because my own name is unpronounceable for most people.

    I go by Lizzie and would like to keep this as a first name. I don't want to use my own last name because it's an odd and unknown name (its short and starts with 'T').

    I mostly write high fantasy.

    Does someone have suggestions?

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    I do still like the idea of a shorter last name with Lizzie!

    Lizzie Tate
    Lizzie Bryant
    Lizzie Cross
    Lizzie Cleary
    Lizzie Keys

    Aoife Rosemary ○ Maeve Erin
    Jasper Edmund ○ James Arthur

    Anya ○ Nuala ○ Inga ○ Bronwen
    Eamon ○ Miles ○ Anders ○ Magnus ○ Joel

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