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    Middle Name for Georgia

    My DH and I are expecting our first child on October 6th. We have had our baby girl’s name picked out before we even knew it was a girl. Georgia was his beloved grandmother’s name, and I also wanted to use a family name from my side. Since my grandmother’s name is Rosemary, we decided on Georgia Rose. We are 8 weeks out at this point and I am having second thoughts. I cannot decide between Rose or Rosalie for the middle name! Our last name rhymes with Carol if that helps! Thank you all in advance!

    *Georgia Rose or Georgia Rosalie*

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    Georgia Rosalie is stunning
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    I'm leaning more towards Georgia Rosalie but you can't go wrong with either combo!

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    Love Georgia Rosalie!
    It's beautiful, and it also sounds less wordy than Georgia Rose.

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    Georgia Rose could come off a little wordy, being a state and a flower, but it is pretty. I really want to like Georgia Rosalie but it’s a bit of a mouth full.

    Georgia Roísín; pronounced roh-sheen or rosh-sheen. It’s Gaelic and means rose. I think this is such a gorgeous combo!
    Georgia Rosaline
    Georgia Rosalind
    Georgia Rosemarie
    Georgia Rosamund
    Georgie Primrose

    Good luck!

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    I love Georgia but really dislike Rosalie. I love Rose but it's way over-used as a middle name. So I would look to one of the other Rose names:

    I like
    Georgia Rosie
    Georgia Rosamund
    Georgia Primrose
    Georgia Rosemary

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    I prefer Georgia Rosalie. Georgia Rose sounds like a description more than a name, in my opinion. Rose is also often a filler middle name, so I think Georgia Rosalie is more distinct and beautiful.

    If it's a consideration at all, I also think Georgia Rosemary would be lovely.

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    Georgia Rose is my pick. I also think Georgia Rosemary would be stunning.

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    Georgia Rosalie has my vote.

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    I love the idea of Georgia Rosemary as is. Rosemary is such a fun, underused name. Rosalie would be my second choice.

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