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    Middle names for Elinor/Eleanor and Wilder

    I have an appointment to discuss fertility options with my doctor in a couple of weeks (I'm engaged to a woman and I have endometriosis, so we're probably going to end up doing IVF if the doctor okays it). Needless to say, I've been thinking about names more than I have in a very long time. We have had first names pretty much picked out since we starting talking about it, but I'd love to find some combos that we love!

    For a girl we like Eleanor/Elinor, I like the latter spelling but whichever looks nicest with the middle is fine, and for a boy we like Wilder. I've been tossing around Eleanor Pearl and Eleanor Laurel, we like slightly unusual middles, and usually prefer them to be on the shorter side. Wilder Troy has been on my mind because Troy is my dad's name, but we haven't found a middle we like for Wilder.
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    Eleanor Lilac
    Elinor Violet

    Wilder Troy is very handsome and strong. I like it a lot!
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    I have always loved the name Eleanor/Elinor (I like both spellings) and Wilder is one that’s grown on me a lot as I’ve seen it more and more on this forum. It’s a name with a lot of spunk! Eleanor Pearl is really beautiful, I couldn’t think of a nicer combination, and whilst Troy isn’t my style if it honours your father then it’s a great combo. However, if you are open to other options here are some ideas:

    Wilder Atlas
    Wilder Theodore
    Wilder Jem
    Wilder Flynn
    Wilder Dash
    Wilder Henry
    Wilder Jack
    Wilder Teddy
    Wilder Dane
    Wilder Pippin
    Wilder Bastian
    Wilder Stellan
    Wilder Theo
    Wilder Francis
    Wilder Rory
    Wilder Caspian
    Wilder Elio
    Wilder Finn
    Wilder Miles
    Wilder Gabriel
    Wilder Noah
    Wilder Albert
    Wilder Rafael
    Wilder Hawthorne
    Wilder Kit
    Wilder Sage
    Wilder Felix
    Wilder Tully
    Wilder Archie
    Wilder Kai
    Wilder Marlowe

    Good luck with it all!

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    Eleanor Lavender was my first thought. Some other ideas: Eleanor Wisteria, Eleanor Evening, Eleanor Moon, Eleanor Sienna, Eleanor Marguerite and Eleanor Calla.

    For Wilder; how about: Wilder Thaddeus, Wilder Max, Wilder Joseph, Wilder Gabriel, Wilder Felix and Wilder Otto.

    I like Eleanor Lavender and Wilder Otto the best from these! Good luck
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    Congratulations on starting your journey to mothethood!

    I lover the name Eleanor.
    What about .....
    Eleanor Angel
    Eleanor Aspen
    Eleanor Auburn
    Eleanor Cate
    Eleanor Celia
    Eleanor Eden
    Eleanor Ember
    Eleanor Emberly
    Eleanor Eve
    Eleanor Hope
    Eleanor Lark
    Eleanor Lee
    Eleanor Nola
    Eleanor Nova
    Eleanor Olive
    Eleanor Rowan
    Eleanor Xavia

    Wilder Ash
    Wilder Ashton
    Wilder Axel
    Wilder Dashiell
    Wilder Donovan
    Wilder Eli
    Wilder Evan
    Wilder Immanuel
    Wilder Jaxx
    Wilder Lee
    Wilder Leo
    Wilder Norris
    Wilder Orion
    Wilder Reece
    Wilder Reed
    Wilder William
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