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    Regretting name choice

    We named our fourth daughter Francine and I’m having regrets. The responses we have received are loaded.. what I mean is, people have an association with the name whether it be old lady dated, Man Men etc. and I wasn’t expecting it. I wanted a beautiful name, unassuming and original and I feel that the name we chose conjures up too many already made conclusions/images of the person behind the name Francine. Does that make sense?

    Other names on our list:

    Should I change the name or keep it? In other words should I trust my reasons for choosing it in the first place or make a change so I eliminate the doubt??

    Please advise!

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    I think you should keep Francine but I do like Viola. Its such a beautiful name and you can't please everyone. However if it does bother you you could give her a nickname but Frankie might be too meh for you.

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    I think you should keep the name Francine. It is a very lovely name, and NO-ONE has the right to criticise it after you have named your baby. If people make rude remarks tell them you are not asking for their opinion.

    I have heard many what I think are dreadful names. but I always try to find something nice to say about the name. Like that is very unusual, that is different, etc That to me is not criticising the name, but respecting the parents' right to give their baby the selected name of choice

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    I agree with the previous posters!

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    Francine is beautiful! And love the nickname Frankie. But at the end of the day go with your gut feeling - I changed my daughter’s name after 3 months after much deliberation. It felt like such a big deal at the time but nobody even remembers now. She will grow into whatever name you give her

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    So I found myself in a similar situation a few years ago: my daughter is named Gloria. A few people are excited about this name, but mostly it was met with head scratches. I’m about to name my new son Malcolm, and I have already had similar responses. And it did bother me initially that people were not as enthused about the name as I am, which I imagine is what you’re running into with Francine as well. And to be honest, for 1-6 months it was hard for me to connect the name with my baby—so much so that for the first two months I just called her Baby Bear. Baby Bear gradually transitioned to Baby Glo, and baby Glo transitioned to Gloria. I never considered changing it, but it did take me awhile to warm up to, even though it was a name that I had picked for meaningful reasons and loved.
    I love the name Francine, and the nicknames Frankie or Francie. I think you will re-fall in love with the name as she develops and demonstrates her own personality. You’re also likely a fellow name-nerd (you’re here, after all!) and it’s sometimes disheartening to realize you would’ve gotten rave reviews if you had just named her (the lovely but super popular) Olivia instead of the unique and quirky and fresh Francine.

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    I am of the personal opinion that how people react to our names can change how we feel about ourselves and in some ways can shape a personality. I think the pps suggestion of adding a modern nickname would be a really good way to resolve negative directed at your daughter and you still get to keep the name you love.

    Frankie, Francie, Fran, Cece- and I'm sure if you made a post asking for creative nns for her you would get some really good ideas
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    How old is your baby?

    If you loved the name originally, use the suggestions that you got above. Maybe a sweet/cool nicknames that make your choice feel more current for you and those around you.

    She'll grow up with plenty of choice of what to introduce herself as, and she may very well realize when she's older what an awesome name she has in Francine.

    What right to people have sharing negative thoughts about a person's name, no matter how old the person is?! Do they think it's so you'll change it? Would they say the same thing about a 6 year old's name, or a 25 year old's name? Ugh.

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    Francine is not my favorite, but nice nonetheless. If feel strongly you should change it, Ingrid and Voila are beautiful! What about Ingrid Francine or Voila Francine?
    Good luck!

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    I LOVE Francine anand I agree with others that people are incredibly rude. I am still experiencing a similar thing with my daughter's name. I don't have any negative associations with Francine, and I think it's sweet and energetic and I love its nicknames. You'll never be able to avoid using a name that someone else doesn't like, so stick with the name you love.

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