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    which combo do you like best?

    We are trying for a rainbow baby after a miscarriage. Heather and Lavyre are both important family names in the middle spot. Which names sounds best to you? Last name is B@iley.

    Iris Heather Lavyre (Iris means rainbow, and i love that)
    Lila Heather Lavyre
    Lily Heather Lavyre
    Eva Heather Lavyre
    Celine Heather Lavyre
    Violet Heather Lavyre

    Thank you!!! we cant decide.

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    I think all of the options are pretty but I like Iris the best considering you love the meaning.

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    Iris is nice considering the meaning. Other than that my favorites are Eva, Celine, and maybe Lila because Heather plus another nature name feels like a bit much to me, they all sound nice though!

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    All of your first name choices are lovely! However, the one I think sounds best with Heather Lavyre is Iris. All of the others clash in one way or another to my ear. To top it off, the fact that Iris means rainbow and she would be your rainbow baby is just so sweet!
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    Iris or Violet!

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    Iris, Celine and Violet are all favourites of mine but I’d pick Iris for you because of the meaning, I think it’s very sweet and obviously fitting.

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Iris Heather Lavyre (Iris means rainbow, and i love that)-Well, I'm typically not into Iris, but the sentiment here is very sweet. And Iris is a perfectly nice name. It's simple, not over done & grows up well. Iris B@ailey flows really well too.

    Lila Heather Lavyre-I like Lila a lot, but it's very 'L' heavy w/your ln.

    Lily Heather Lavyre -Super cute, but too cutesy w/B@ailey. How do you feel about Lilian nn Lily? Or Liliana.

    Eva Heather Lavyre-This is nice. Smart, simple & feminine. It flows nicely w/your ln.

    Celine Heather Lavyre-This is different & the flow is nice. It's not my personal favorite, but no real reason.

    Violet Heather Lavyre -I love this. It's so soft yet cheerful.

    Violet is my personal favorite, but I do love the idea of Iris for you. And it honestly sounds best w/B@iley too. Although Eva is also good.

    Hope this helps.
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    I would first cross off Lila and Lily because they don't go as well with the surname. All the others are good names that would work, but my favourites are Iris and Violet.

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    I really like Iris or Celine for you!
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    I really like Celine best of all your options.

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