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    Still need help naming our twin girls, due in September

    Hi there,

    We are getting closer to agreeing on the names of our twin girls... due in September!

    I would really like opinions on the name combinations we have shortlisted. Which is your favourite? Do the middle names work? Any alternative suggestions that you think would suit our naming style and work better?

    So we already have a three year old boy- Oscar Walter and these are our favourite combinations for the girls at the moment:

    Rose Juliet & Thea Violet
    Clara Primrose & Josephine Lily

    I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!! Thank you x

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    What wonderful choices! Whatever you end up choosing, your daughters will have great names.

    As an individual name I like Clara Primrose the best, but Rose Juliet and Thea Violet are just so beautiful together - that combination gets my vote

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    Rose and Thea!

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    I'd actually switch it round to Rose Juliet and Josephine Lily; since I feel like the two work better than Clara Primrose and Josephine Lily.
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    As they are, I prefer Rose Juliet & Thea Violet. I love seeing Rose upfront as a first, and Rose & Thea make a lovely duo.

    If I could mix-and-match a little, I think Rose Juliet & Clara Violet (Rose & Clara) would be lovely, too, as would Clara Primrose & Thea Violet (Clara & Thea).

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    I love Rose and Thea! But Rose and Clara would be my second choice.

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    Rose and Thea are beautiful together! I love Clara too though; Rose and Clara or Thea and Clara would also be fantastic.

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    Clara Primrose and Josephine Lily (gorgeous!!!) would be my pick! They're pretty and unexpected, and go well together. The Rose/Thea combo is pretty as well but a little matchy for me.

    If I could switch it up, I'd do Thea Primrose and Josephine Lily! To me, Thea and Josephine both have a strong tough feel while still being feminine. I also think Thea Primrose flows better than Clara Primrose.
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    Hi there.

    I love Oscar! And I'm not help at all, because I quite like all of these names. I will try my best though!

    Rose Juliet & Thea Violet-Rose Juliet is gorgeous. It's just the right amount of ultra feminine yet sophisticated. The nn Rosie is very sweet for a little one as well. I really like Thea. I didn't used to be that into it, but over heard it on a real little girl recently & it was super cute. I do kind of like it better as a nn, but Rose & Thea do share a nice simplicity. Thea Violet is perfect.

    Clara Primrose & Josephine Lily-I like Clara, but I don't think it's as exciting as some as the others. Maybe I just see it on this site too much. Primrose is a darling mn. I love Josephine, but oddly don't care for Jo/Joey/Josie. Do you? They may be hard to avoid. I like Josephine nn Posy!

    I suppose in conclusion, I like Rose & Thea more. You really can't go wrong though.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think both pairs are positively stunning. I am really having a hard time choosing! Whatever you end up with will be beautiful.

    I love that each name has a flower name and a feminine classic. My favorites are Rose Juliet and Josephine Lily, but you really could put any of them together and it'd be great. I'd probably use Clara Primrose and Josephine Lily if I can't mix and match.

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