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Thread: Pick Five

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    Pick Five

    My SO and i are trying to conceive and are working on a list of potential names. This is our top ten right now for a boy. What i want you to do is to pick five of your favorites and rank them.

    The names are:
    William (Way too popular for my liking, but i love the name so much that i can see past it)
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    Current Favorites(approved by SO):
    Beatrice, Theodora, Gwendolyn, Florence
    Cosima, Thea, Viola, Svea

    Theodore, William, August, Peregrine
    Henry, Felix, Ossian, Kit

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    Henry - adore
    Sebastian - love, also Bastian
    Jesper - feel neutral about Jesper, love Jasper
    Edmund - feel neutral about Edmund but adore the nicknames Teddy and Bear
    Benjamin- feel neutral about Benjamin but is an honor name so will put it in my top 5, adore Bennett

    I feel neutral about the rest.

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    1. Thomas - I love Thomas, and I think it's underused. Thomas feels friendly and green and I like the soft final "S". Less excited about Tom and Tommy, but I don't mind them.
    2. Henry - Another comfy, warm-sounding name. I don't love the hipster predictability of it, but a classic is a classic. I have taught a couple of kids named Henry, and I just like saying it.
    3. Benjamin - Benjamin is a bouncy name. I love Ben, but saying Benjamin in full is so fun! There are a million Bens in my life, so it feels a bit overused to me, but it's just the friendliest, most reliable name. I've never met a Ben I didn't like.
    4. William - Lower only because I really dislike Liam. Actually to be honest, I don't even love William, but I do LOVE Will. Will reminds me of Susan Cooper's Dark is Rising series. Very British-adventure.
    5. Alexander/Edmund - I really couldn't choose for the last spot. I like the stateliness of Alexander and the cool "x." Edmund has the nice "m" sound and reminds me of Narnia. They're at the bottom of the list because I grew up with a million Alex's (boys and girls) so the name feels both ubiquitous and a bit dated, and I hate the nicknames Ed/Eddie.

    This list is much more classic than I usually go for, but I like it! As for the rest, Maximillian would be #6 for the nickname Max, and the only one I really hate is Leonard -- definitely not ready for a comeback.

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    1) Henry -literary, sweet but strong
    2) Sebastian - classic but cool, fresh, youthful but mature
    3)Maximillian -lovethe granduer and the possibility of nn Max
    4)Benjamin - classic, soft but strong
    5) Jesper -intiriguing and nice sounding
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    Here are my top five:

    1. Henry

    2. Sebastian

    3. Benjamin

    4. Thomas

    5. William

    I would have put Thomas & William ahead of Benjamin if it weren't for nn potential. I think that Ben/Benny/Benji are all adorable, but don't care for Tom/Tommy/Will/Bill etc. (yet do like Billy!) .

    Hope this helps.
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    1. Alexander: I feel the same way about this man me the same way u feel about William. It’s so popular but I love it so much I could definitely see using it.
    2. Sebastian “Bash”
    3. Maximilian
    4. Henry
    5. Jesper
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    not expecting, just a name nerd with a name blog

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    1) Henry
    2) Jesper (Also, I've always loved the nn Jes)
    3) Thomas
    4) Alexander
    5) William

    Hope this is helpful!

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    1. Jesper
    2. Alexander (particularly with nickname Sasha)
    3. Henry (not so much with nickname Hank though)
    4. William (especially with nickname Wim...oh how I adore "Wim")
    5. Benjamin

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