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    The Dirt On Cambrie

    Cambrie is a name that’s more often then not been on my list for the past 3+ years, and I usually come back to it, but I’m never 100% sold on whether I’d use it as a first name.

    I love it because it’s derived from Cambria, which is the Latinized version of the Welsh name for Wales (Cymru), which is where a large portion of my family is from, it has a soft, sweet sound, and, works with S/O’s surname.

    I mentioned it to S/O the other day, and he thinks it’s adorable, so I feel like I should be super pleased by this, but I’m kind of hung up on the fact that it does sound a bit made up.

    My style’s pretty all over the place but I seem to be preferring surnames as firsts (Harlow, Monroe, Hartley, Addison, Riley), some word names (Sailor, Harbor, Navy, Haven, Lyric) as well as more feminine sounding choices (Aurora, Lily, Chloe, Emma, Hannah).

    Sorry for the ramble, but here’s what I’m questioning;

    Do you think Cambrie is too made up sounding to work?

    Is Cambrie going to constantly need correcting/respelling?

    The MN ideas I have currently are Cambrie Isabelle and Cambrie Sophia, LN is D————, two syllables, which of the two do you think flow the best?

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    I think Cambrie could work. In terms of being made up, i do think it's a little less established than a lot of the names on your list, but not unusably so.

    As for the spelling, she might get Cambry but i dont think it's too difficult.

    Would Cambria nn Cambrie make you feel more confident maybe?

    Cambrie Sophia is lovely btw!
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    Cambrie is definitely made-up. And I can't picture it on an adult woman.

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    It's not normally the type of name that's my style, but I love it! It doesn't seem made-up at all. I like Cambrie Isabelle but I think Cambrie Isabella is even prettier.

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    Cambrie might be made-up but has a similar feel to other names, so it feels friendly and familiar. Most names work perfectly fine on adult, some name enthusiasts like to overreact over this subject. They will be whistling a whole different tune about many of their current thoughts about names when they are actually naming a real human being. There might be pronunciation and spelling issues but then my son with a known Scottish name gets three different pronunciations of his name and most people have spelled my name, Jean, wrong. The people in her life will quickly learn the pronunciation and spelling.

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    First of all, Cambrie Sophia is lovely.

    Cambrie sounds made up but I dont think its a bad thing. I dont think anyone would find Cambrie strange or weird. Possible will be misspelled with Cambry and Cambree.
    Overall a nice name.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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    I don't really like Cambrie but I think it works well for you, it's not an 'established name' but I think it's had more than enough use in the last 20ish years for it to be well accepted by the general public. For me it's a bit too close to Cranberry and I dislike 'Cam' names. For you, I love Cambrie Isabella. I like Sophia, but I think Cambrie Sophia is too much 'ee' sound.
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    Cambrie is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of personal meaning for you, which is really important! Sometimes when a Name is really important to me then I find that I over think it, perhaps this might be what you are doing?

    Cambrie Isabelle is lovely!!

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    Cambrie Isabelle is a beautiful name! I don't think Cambrie sounds made up, just unique. It gives her a few nn choices as well (Cam or Bree), but sounds so pretty on it's own! I think it fits in with modern, but not necessarily trendy names, so it will be as pretty sounding on a little girl as it does on a grown woman. The fact that you both love it and it has special meaning to you as well seems to make this a perfect choice for your little girl!

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    Cambrie sounds super cute for a little girl, but I don’t think I’d like it to be my name as an adult. How about choosing a beautiful welsh name? Especially as a lot of your family is from there! Maybe Eleri or Cerys, or even Tegan would fit your style?

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