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    How does this name sound - Wren Jeanette?

    Working on naming baby number 4 (girl number 3). The middle name will be Jeanette because it is an important family name. My husband loves the name Wren for a first name. I just don’t know if Wren Jeanette sounds good together? I have thought of doing Wrenna Jeanette because that has a better flow and then just calling her Wren. Does that seem too “made up”? My other girls are Emma and Geneva. Does Wren work with those names or is it not feminine enough?

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    I love it! I think it’s lovely with your other girls. Short but so cute and sweet- Wren is a perfect name.

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    I think that honor names get a pass on not always having perfect flow. I don't think that you should change the first name to sound better with the middle name, as, in all honesty, most people won't even know her middle name.

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    I strongly prefer Wren to Wrenna! Part of its beauty is its simplicity, and I think it's an interesting and unexpected addition to your other girls. I agree that flow shouldn't be your focus, that said I think Wren Jeanette is more interesting with its 1-2 syllable pattern rather than a 2-2 pattern.

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    Wren Jeanette is nice! I like Wren a lot!
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    I agree with whoever said that honor names kind of get a free pass on perfect flow, and you should choose the first name you love, whether or not it has a perfect rhythm. I personally did this; my daughter's middle was not especially easy to work with, so I just chose what I liked for the first name. It's worked out fine and the only time I've even said her middle name is for doctor's appointments.

    I think Wren sounds sweet with Emma and Geneva. Honestly, Wrenna is, to my ear, much too close to Emma.

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    While flow is a nice consideration, I wouldnt compromise on the first name for it. After all, the first name will get used 99% of the time, with the first and middle name used together maybe 1% of the time. Flow is really not that important. It's a nice consideration if torn between names, but otherwise it doesnt matter so much.
    Wren is a lovely name. Arena does sound made up, and a bit to similar to Emma
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    First, I am not a fan of word names. And Wren is one of my least favorite. It just doesn't have a pleasant sound to me. Second, when I hear Wren Jeannette, I think of Penn Gillette, the magician.

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    Wren Jeanette is lovely! I wouldn't choose Wrenna just to improve the flow - you'll rarely say the first and middle names together, and Wrenna sounds made up and a little too similar to Emma for my liking.
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    Wren is just ok for me, but I adore Jeanette.

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