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    Isla - thoughts?

    My husband and I are looking for a Scottish girls name for our baby coming in September.
    At the moment our leading choice is Isla.

    I know Isla is pretty popular these days which I don't mind but I'm wondering, would the child still run into issues where people don't know how to spell her name?/always have people mispronouncing it?

    Or is it so popular now that it's pretty obvious how to spell and pronounce Isla?
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    I think it's common enough for the vast majority to pronouncr and spell correctly.

    Isla is a beautiful name. We tossed it around when deciding our girl's name
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    I agree with @ashybear02 that it is common often for most people to know. Ayla is also pronounced eye-luh, however Isla is the most common spelling in my opinion so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. She may get a few people in her lifetime spelling it incorrectly but I think any name gets spelt mis correctly at some stage. My name is Grace and it’s been misspelt before!

    Isla is an absolutely gorgeous name and one of my favourites too!! I think it goes beautifully with the names of your other children. You have a beautiful choice in names btw!!
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    I think it's common enough that people will know how to say and spell it!

    Isla is sweet, sharp and lovely!
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