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    Names You Changed Your Mind About

    I haven't seen a thread like this on here before so forgive me if there is one already.

    So, when I was younger (around 9-12) I had a VERY different idea of what names I liked than I do now (14). I'm curious to see if you had names you used to love but now dislike (and vice versa). You can provide reasons if you have them.

    Names I liked but now dislike:

    Eastella, Selkie, Ellea & Devonia - I have no idea how 10 year old me came up with those, but I was convinced my future daughters were going to have those names for over a year. Now that I'm older, I've realised that they are NOT good names for real people.

    Jace - I found this name whilst scrolling through a baby names app and loved it and I think this might be the longest name crush I've ever had, but I just don't like it as much anymore.

    Marlon - I used to love the song "When The Beat Drops Out" by Marlon Roudette (I still like it but not as much) and I thought his name was cool. I don't mind the name, but it's not a name I could use for a few reasons.

    Isaiah - Some of you probably saw the thread I made on this name a few weeks ago and already know the reason - basically, I don't like the correct pronunciation of this name at all.

    Names I disliked but now like:

    Elijah - I disliked this name up until around this time last year, but after deciding this was a name I wanted to honour someone important to me with it's grown on me and would be my first choice for a son.

    Jesse - I'm still not 100% sure about this, but I think it would be a meaningful middle name as Jesse was the name of someone important in my hometown's history, and if I don't end up living here when I'm older (which I doubt I will) it'll be a good middle name, but I still can't shake off the feeling that it's too feminine for a boy.

    Sienna - I used to hate this name, but now it's one of my favourites. Go figure.

    Susie - I didn't like this name as I don't usually like names that were popular before the 80s, but Susie grew on me. I still wouldn't use it, but it's definitely a name I like now.
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    I have way too many of these; haha. I scratched Bernadette and Chanel off my list as I grew out of them since I liked them when I was a young child but they're way out of my comfort zone now. I also used to love Persephone until I heard the "proper" pronunciation - I always thought it was pronounced as "purse-eh-phone-ee" rather than "pur-seph-oh-nee". I also used to be a fan of Clara, but am now neutral on her.

    Going in the other direction, names that I now love but used to hate or dislike are Jude, Anouk, Elspeth, Olympia, Lyra, Edith, Rafaela, Hesper, Isabel and Eden. I'm sure there are more but I can only think of these right now.
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    Ooh, I know this list is going to be smaller than what it should be but I have terrible memory on this stuff lol.

    Liked but now dislike:

    *Aidan= I used to really love this name. I think it is pretty obvious what happened here...
    * Alexandra= I used to think it was regal and strong but now it just sounds stuffy to me.
    *Anthony= This would've been my name if I was a boy, so I think I felt obligated to like it. Just not a fan.
    *Stacey= not sure why I don't care for it anymore but it just does nothing for me.

    Disliked but now like:
    Sooooooo many names can fit under this list!! Mainly the old-fashioned sort. I used to think it was terrible for parents to name their kids Albert, Agatha, Martha, Edward, and so on, but now I love that style of name.

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    Used to hate, now I like/love:

    -Henry: Had a classmate with this name. As a kid it sounded like an old man’s name when all my classmates were named Michael, Brandon, Sarah, Brittany, etc. Now I really like it, but it doesn’t fit with my married name.

    -Emery: My Grandpa’s name. Thought it was a horrible sounding old man name as a kid. Now I think it is cool for a little girl or boy.

    -Charles: Used to think it sounded so stuffy, but I love it especially with Charlie as a nickname.

    -Jack: I thought it was so bland. But I love how solidly classic it is now. But it is getting so popular.

    -Cora: My Grandma’s nickname. I thought it sounded old. Are we seeing a theme here? But I really like it now and would love to meet a little Cora.

    -Sigrid: My other Grandma’s name. I hated the sound of it and thought it was a weird name. But I think it is actually cool, not heard much in the US, but not too unfamiliar because of its similarity to Ingrid.

    Names I used to love:

    -Raven: When I was going through a wannabe goth phase as a kid. Still a nice name, just not something I could imagine on any child of mine.

    -Sonia: Still like, but my Dad can’t pronounce it to save his life.

    -Megan: Was a friend’s name in elementary school. It is a nice name, but sounds very 80’s/90’s now.

    -Renee: Elementary school best friend’s name. Nothing wrong with this name, it just doesn’t have make me feel the way it used to anymore.

    -Aiden, Jackson, Ava, Mia, Emily, Ella, Liam, Oliver, Isabella: I still like them all, they just got so popular.
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    I have loved Scarlett for 10+ years and always pictured a daughter named Scarlett!
    I was always terrified it would get too popular for my liking before I could use it.
    Then an acquaintance used it and it kind of lost its appeal. (All our friends are friends with them/know of them)
    We used Scout instead for our little girl, and I was tempted to use Scarlett with Scout as a NN but I don’t think anyone would have used the nickname but my husband and I. And I think I realised that my taste is a bit more “out there” once I was actually pregnant!
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    When I was a teenager, I loved "cool" English names like Ashley, Vicky, Taylor and Walker (I grew up in Scandinavia).

    I'm now 30 and my list of names looks completely different: much more names from my own heritage, less "obvious", international names.

    Names I used to like, now not so much, for different reasons: Henning, Sverre, Max, Paddy, James, Laurence, Raphael, Barbara, Beata, Teresa, Amanda, Rosa, Martha

    Names that have grown on me and that I used to dislike: Kit, Florent, Thure, Holger, Egon, Lilac, Eulalia, Peony.
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    Lately I've been very adventurous with my naming style so it has changed drastically. I used to like more "normal" names and now I like the more unique names.

    Names I used to hate but now love:
    Clementine: I thought it was too girly and kinda weird looking (i have no idea why), but now I think of it as a bright, happy name
    Daisy: I used to think it was too bland, overused, and plain but recently I've fallen in love with it
    Persephone (and most other mythological names): I just thought they were too odd and too hard to live up to for a child, but I just love the uniqueness and the sounds too much
    Elias: for me it was too close to Elijah (a name i very much dislike- sorry) but now I see it as it's own name, not just a variation
    Peter: too common but I love the meaning and plus it's an honor name

    Name I used to love but now dislike:
    Athena: someone in my fam used it and it's just too well known for me
    Madeline: too overused plus I know a person know with the name...
    Maya: it's eh. I would never use it but it's still on my list
    Harrison: I don't really dislike it, it just isn't my favorite
    Joseph/Joey: too popular
    Josiah: I don't know why I dont like it anymore, I just don't
    Phoenix: it used to be a huge GP of mine, and it's still on my list, just don't much like it anymore
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    Names I liked but now don't ......

    Names I didn't like but now do .....

    Names I have always loved and still do .....
    Morgan (girl)
    Rose or any Rose variation

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    Names I used to like but now dislike...

    Adeline - still do like this name somewhat, the popularity kinda ruins it for me.
    Hailey - its a cute name but seeing all the different spellings/variations got too much for me (like Hayleigh, Hailee, Hayley, Hailie, etc.)
    Phoebe - I just dont love the sound of it as much anymore.
    Georgia - cute name, saw someone spell it Jorja and kinda ruined it :/
    Aaron - met a really rude guy with this name and I’m just not really a fan anymore.
    Everly - thought it was pretty cute.. until 3 people that I know named their daughters Everly/Everleigh.
    Autumn & Winter - as a child I was so deadset on naming my daughter one of these, now I think season names are a little tacky/overdone.

    Names I used to dislike but now are growing on me...

    Margot - anyone who has been on here may know about my disliking for Margot (for fear that it looks too much like “maggot”), but if I’m being honest, Margot is now one of my favourite names. I’ve been able to overlook the maggot thing, and now consider it a beautiful name.
    Sophie - I’ve always thought it was too overrused, now I think it’s a really cute name!
    Morgan - Never really liked this name until recently, prefer it on a girl though.
    Charlotte - I’ve done a complete 180 on this name, I used to despise it but now I cant get it out of my head! It’s one that I would actually use irl.
    Nolan - after getting over my negative connotations with this name, I actually really like it!
    Clementine - used to love this name as a child, then thought this was the worst name ever until recently and now it’s grown on me as a guilty pleasure.
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    My style used to be more traditional and old-fashioned for girls' names, with a dislike for anything more modern, but now my style has totally flipped.

    Names I used to dislike that have grown on me: Ivy, Hazel, Harley, Eloise, Laela, Dylan
    Names I used to like and now dislike: Frances, Lavender, Dorothy, Juniper, Rosemary

    My boys' favorites have always stayed pretty much the same haha
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