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    Expecting our Third?!

    Hi! I’m expecting my third girl and I am stuck on names. Her Middle name will be a family name, Louise, and her sisters are Hanna and Aria (No, not from Pretty Little Liars, they were born before the show started). I love Autumn but then I have 2 A names and 1 H name, and I’m not a fan of that. Any other ideas?

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    What is it that you love about Autumn? Is it the season? The type of name (seasonal)? The way it sounds?

    Summer comes to mind, but so does Aurelia.

    Honestly, Autumn Louise isn't bad and I don't think having two A names and one H name would be an issue- but if you do, well . . . hmm
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    I guess I like the sound of it, and I don’t know why it is a problem, I just noticed it and it felt a little weird. Not a fan of Summer but thanks for trying!

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    haha I like that you specified that it's not from PLL... I hope you don't constantly get asked that!! I like the name Autumn too but I can understand not wanting to have the same initials. Other names that might work:


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    Like Stella, Nina and Mia (Something with the ending, I guess) But love Scarlett. But will she feel left out because her name ends in a different sound though?

    And Yeah, I get asked a lot of it’s like Pretty Little Liars when I met people first, but after that they don’t ask anymore.

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    Autumn is soft, feminine and graceful like Hanna and Aria, so I'll list a few other names that fit into that category:

    Hanna, Aria, and Eva: The combo "Eva Louise" looks so beautiful and elegant to me, and I love how Eva has the same soft cadence as Hanna and Aria.

    Hanna, Aria, and Eden: Eden has the same rhythm (and most of the same sounds) as Autumn, so maybe it's a nice alternative if you're looking to avoid the A initial. It's also similar to Hanna and Aria in that it's short enough to stand on its own without a nickname, but still feels substantial.

    Hanna, Aria, and Scarlett: Also a name that reminds me of the rhythm (and imagery) of Autumn, and I love how Scarlett pairs with Louise.

    Hanna, Aria, and Mila: Mila reminds me of Hanna and Aria because it's graceful and light but still has a warm and sweet quality to it. The only issue is that maybe the L sound is too repetitive in Mila Louise, but it looks pretty on paper!

    Hanna, Aria, and Willow: I just read the Nameberry page for this name, and it mentions how Willow trees are flexible but virtually's such a poetic meaning, so I wanted to mention it! Again, not sure if Willow Louise is too heavy on the L sounds for you, but it has such a pretty flow, and I like how Willow pairs with Hanna and Aria - it has the same beginning/ending initial the way Aria does and the same double-letter middle as Hanna, which absolutely no one will notice but still...

    Hanna, Aria, and Vienna: Maybe Vienna is too uncommon paired with Hanna and Aria (and maybe the double Ns are repetitive), but it fits in the soft/elegant category.

    Hanna, Aria, and Juliet: I love the sound of Juliet Louise. Aria always makes me think of Juliet because they're both romantic but familiar Italian names and have the same melodic sound.

    Hope you liked some of these...good luck!

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    Like Eva and Eden, but again, LOVE Scarlett!! Just not sure about the ending. Is it a problem?

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    I don't think the ending is a problem at all!

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    I think Hanna, Aria, & Scarlett make a lovely sibset. I dont see a problem with the ending. It if bothers you that bad you could always call her "Etta"

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