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  • Fiona Lily

    12 27.27%
  • Fiona Violet

    7 15.91%
  • Autumn Lily

    18 40.91%
  • Ivy Autumn

    7 15.91%
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    Thoughts on final 4

    Third trimester and still struggling with a name. This is our last baby so I think that’s why I’m having a hard time... I don’t wanna let these names go. 😫

    Final list:

    Fiona Lily
    Fiona Violet
    Autumn Lily
    Ivy Autumn

    Thoughts on each? Thank you!

    Mom to Willow <3

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    I think Ivy works best with Willow, so the beautiful Ivy Autumn got my vote. Ivy Fiona would be lovely too.
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    What an incredibly tough choice! I see why you're finding it hard.

    I voted for Autumn Lily in the end.
    Autumn has such beautiful, golden imagery and such a warm, earthy sound. While Lily is another word name, I think it's namey enough that it works here. Autumn Lily is all things rugged and outdoorsy while also being soft and cosy

    Fiona Lily would have been my second choice. Fiona isn't my normal choice but there's something about it that makes it fit for you. It's strong with a classic, gentle edge. Lily brings something light and youthful to it!
    Fiona Violet is also lovely - a blend of strong and fashionable.
    Autumn Ivy is nice too and I enjoy the imagery, but I've not as keen on the flow as I am with the other combos
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    Autumn Lily sounds lovely.
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    I was between Fiona Lily and Fiona Violet. I love the name Violet but I think Fiona Lily has a better flow.
    Ivy and Willow are beautiful names for sisters, but I really adore Fiona and Willow. Autumn is a stunning name too. Autumn Lily is sweet, but I'm not sure if I like to see these two word names combined.
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    I voted for Fiona Lily but I also like Fiona Violet. Not a fan of the combo between nature/season names of the others, Autumn Lily in particular kind of just sounds like you're talking about a type of flower...

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    Swooning over Willow and Autumn together!
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    I absolutely love Fiona Lily, especially with big sister Willow. Fiona Violet is equally as beautiful, but (and this is just me) I see a lot of Violet, so Lily wins for me.

    My second choice of the first names would be Autumn. I also love Willow and Autumn together. I probably wouldn't go with two nature names in one combo, like Autumn Lily, because it ends up sounding very descriptive to me. However, I don't know Willow's middle so perhaps it would be a family trend. Autumn is great either way. If it were Autumn Fiona, it would probably be my first choice.

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