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    Final 3: Eleanor, Audrey, Amelie

    Which is the best fit for a sister to Maya Charlotte and Genevieve (Evie) Rose? We have finally narrowed down the first name to Eleanor (Nora), Amelie (Millie) or Audrey. Would love to use Miriam as a second name for family reasons if it flows ok, but other middle name suggestions welcome too:

    Eleanor Miriam
    Eleanor Iris
    Eleanor Simone

    Amelie Simone
    Amelie Eugenia

    Audrey Miriam
    Audrey Simone
    Audrey Eugenia
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    Amelie Simone!! I love how it fits with your girls and a name on it's own!!

    Eleanor Miriam would be my second choice
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    I love both Amelie and Eleanor (Amelie is my daughter’s name) and both suit Maya and Genevieve really well. Eleanor Iris and Amelie Simone are beautiful combinations! Is Amelie Iris an option? That’s a combination I considered for my daughter. Audrey is nice too but Amelie and Eleanor are stand outs in my opinion.

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    Eleanor is my favourite! It really suits the sibset.
    I think stick with the honour name for a middle - Eleanor Miriam is lovely
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    I really like Eleanor with Miriam and Iris. I like Eleanor Miriam for its significance to you though
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    Eleanor Iris is definitely my favourite, and I love Nora as a nn too.
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    My first instinct was to say Amelie as it's my own favourite of the three (Amelie Iris would be gorgeous, assuming you say EYE-riss, not EE-riss!), and fits beautifully with Maya & Genevieve. However, after reading your desire to use namesake Miriam, I actually think that Audrey Miriam is my favourite for you, which also fits wonderfully with her siblings....
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    Audrey Miriam is quite gorgeous and my favourite for you.

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    Amelie Simone fits perfectly!
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    Eleanor Iris gets my vote.

    Sorry for my English. Its not my first language, and I try my best

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