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    Waiting to name your baby

    Where I live, you have up until your baby is a year old to register their name. I’m considering doing this to see which name fits baby best once they’re out of the newborn stage. As a planner, I would like to have a name set ahead of time, but I’m intrigued by the idea of waiting. What do you think? Do you think it would be kind of nice to wait for a while to pick a name suited to them or do you think people just fit their names/grow into their names?
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    Since most babies learn their name between 5 and 7 months, the idea of a child not having a name until they are a year old doesn't sit well with me, as you will likely use a placeholder name and the child will have to adapt. I dont think babies need a name sorted immediately after birth, but should be named before a month old.
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    Here in the UK you have 6 weeks to register your baby. Although I can understand after that time some people experience name regret and wish to change it, I wouldn't purposely wait until your child is a year old to name them. I think this opens up to more confusion and may make it harder to pick a name, or truly decide which you like best. Maybe it would work for you, but personally it would make the naming experience a lot more stressful for me.
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    ^^I agree with both. It is an interesting idea but I don't really see it being very beneficial. If you really want to wait, I think a happy medium could be to come up with a list of names you like and then spend, say, a few weeks after birth trying out names.

    As far as the whole growing into name/names suiting baby thing, I'm not fully sure where I stand on that. In the end, it still just boils down to us making a decision. Babies are just kind of there, so I don't know how one would make a decision about whether or not he looks like a Charles or a Skylar.

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    It took us a few weeks after our son's birth to announce his name. We thought we'd had a name picked for him for the second half of my pregnancy, but when he was born he didn't "look like" that name would fit him. We went back to our short list and tried each name out. I love the name we chose and it does seem to suit him, but then again, I love the name we didn't use and I do think he would have grown into it just the same. I'm very much on the fence about what to do with our next child. Part of me wants to pick the name ahead of time because I feel like it might help me to bond with the baby before s/he's born, and because I tend to worry over tiny details, it'd be one thing I didn't have to think about. And again, names can sort of mold themselves to fit a variety of different personalities/physical traits. The other part of me knows that I enjoyed taking the time after our son was born to feel it out and kind of have a little secret between me and his dad, just for a few days, before we announced his given name. I am intrigued by naming customs in other cultures and, as a 30-year-old who has long been mulling over a name change of my own, I don't take it for granted that anyone I have the privilege of naming will stick with that name throughout their life. All that said, I don't think I could wait a year, but I do think it's a question of culture and if it's common enough where you live and you think you'd like to try it, sure, take your time!
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    I honestly think children grow into their names. When my oldest was first born we chose a compromise name that I was really fond of but didn't dislike. It took a couple months, but the name started to fit them. Then when they started transitioning to male, they chose a name for themselves that was a name I didn't like and I didn't think would fit them, but after a few months the name began to fit them.
    Also I wouldn't wait too long, because babies actually start recognizing their name fairly early.
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